NowFloats plugs demand for easily customisable technologies with 'ANA'

ANI | Updated: Dec 08, 2017 12:32 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 8 (ANI): SaaS platform that enables SMEs to run all their online operations seamlessly via an app, NowFloats has developed the open source chatbot framework named ANA, which will streamline data aggregation, analytics and automating website functions.

The chatbot will be customised and deployed by early-stage venture capital firm Blume Ventures on its website.

ANA is a comprehensive chatbot framework that can be easily set up by developers in less than 30 minutes. It can be customised by conversation experts/content writers, deployed to almost any channel and tracked by built-in analytics algorithms.

The chatbot will help venture capital companies automate its website functions like receiving business plans, company details such as founding members, stage of funding required, revenue stream etc. from start-ups applying for funding.

In addition, the chatbot will also allow applicants to submit their business plans at Blume Ventures. Ana's OpenSource Chatbot Platform has the following features:

-Conversation Studio: This will help in creating a chat flow and offer options to add or edit buttons and all kinds of input fields required to create a conversation.

-Simulator: This feature will be used to preview the chat flow, besides offering options such as memory display, agent chat, analytics and chat export.

-Server: The ANA Chat Server will help in distributing the chatbot to multiple platforms without worrying about Architecture and Scalability issues.

-SDK: iOS and Android SDK will aid in integrating the chatbot with apps.

"Chatbots are currently at the top of the list when it comes to the trends in content marketing, and strategies adopted by brands across the globe. While chatbots have existed for decades now, it is only recently that the technology has come into its own with the rising demand for technologies and marketing tools powered by artificial intelligence," said co-founder and chief software architect NowFloats, Ronak Samantray.

"We have developed ANA considering the growing need for easily customisable, open source technologies in the market to help highly tech-driven organisations like Blume Ventures optimise their decision-making," added Samantray.

"Implementing a chatbot makes this process simple, interactive, and data-driven. While we collect information regarding the start-up, we don't miss out on the important information that we need to have. The data then becomes favourable for us, enabling us to be more efficient with our investment decisions," said spokesperson at Blume Ventures, Dhanasree Molugu. (ANI)