OMA Emirates launches multi-loyalty program benefit beyond in India

ANI | Updated: Feb 15, 2018 17:05 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 15 (ANI-NewsVoir): Industry leaders in payments and financial technology, OMA Emirates Group announces the launch of 'Benefit Beyond'- a new and unique multi-loyalty scheme in India. A part of the group's offerings for the retail sector, Benefit Beyond is a Business-to-Business-to-Consumer loyalty program which enables retailers to enrol consumers for a co-branded loyalty program.

A distinctive feature of the scheme is the flexibility of allowing customers to use a common branded card across multiple stores and locations to accumulate and redeem points.

The common branded 'Benefit Beyond' card can also be used as a prepaid card. Consumers can thus add cash to the card or wallet and use the same along with the pre-accumulated loyalty points in real-time in a hassle free manner across the Benefit Beyond network of merchants, outlets and stores.

Benefit Beyond is scalable, highly integrated and a perfect loyalty solution for diverse large, medium and even small organizations. Additionally, the scheme which can be white labelled has the potential to increase revenues for retailers.

On the occasion of launching the unique scheme in India, Niranj Sangal, Group CEO, OMA Emirates Group said, "Benefit Beyond is a first of its kind loyalty scheme which opens up exciting and new avenues for consumers as well as the retail industry. Introducing the scheme in India also helps us strengthen our portfolio and offerings for the retail sector here. The program has been designed to bring in a wide and diverse range of merchants under one umbrella and simultaneously help customers avail the benefits of a loyalty program across multiple channels, locations and retailers who are a part of Benefit Beyond. Moreover, it unlocks the opportunity for small retailers to pass on benefits to consumers via a loyalty scheme."

"We have invested intensively in R&D in order to develop such a robust program that's fits the largest as well as the smallest business. Although designed for the retail sector, the scheme also has the potential to cater to e-commerce, travel and transportation, Oil and Gas, Insurance sectors, etc. Principally, through Benefit Beyond, OMA Emirates will drive merchants, retailers and a wide array of other businesses to adapt to digital systems by providing them an integrated platform which will help them understand their customers, add to their revenues, and also build their loyalty program," said Sangal.

In addition to availing the scheme at participating merchant outlets, Benefit Beyond can also be utilized to make bill payments, mobile top-ups, purchase tickets, etc. The program was first launched in the Middle East in 2016 and currently has over 215 participating organizations and over 750 thousand loyal customers. In India Benefit Beyond is being introduced as an integrated platform offering a complete Retail Suite which includes Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, and a Loyalty Solution. (ANI-NewsVoir)