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PageTraffic Celebrating 20th Year of Helping Clients Achieve Success in the Digital World
PageTraffic Celebrating 20th Year of Helping Clients Achieve Success in the Digital World

PageTraffic Celebrating 20th Year of Helping Clients Achieve Success in the Digital World

ANI | Updated: Apr 04, 2022 16:24 IST

New Delhi [India], April 4 (ANI/TPT): PageTraffic, one of India's top digital marketing agencies and a leader in the industry for over two decades, is celebrating its twentieth year in business. Founded by entrepreneur Navneet Kaushal, PageTraffic has helped clients from startup companies to Fortune 500 corporations achieve success through innovative digital marketing strategies.
Twenty years ago, Navneet Kaushal's quest to make digital marketing more engaging and responsive led him on an entrepreneurial journey that resulted in PageTraffic being born. The company started out as a small venture after he did his MBA but now it has grown into one of most trusted agencies for SEO services!
Since 2002, PageTraffic has served over 10,000 clients, with a client retention rate of 96 per cent!
"Back in 2002, when we first opened our doors, we could not have envisaged the path ahead," says Navneet Kaushal. Fast forward to 2022, PageTraffic has 120 youthful, creative, and vibrant employees across Chicago, London, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Noida. The founder has gone global, and PageTraffic has worked on campaigns in 36 countries. The twenty-year growth story of PageTraffic, SEO Services company, has been phenomenal. To put things in context, PageTraffic has grown 12,400 times, which is a remarkable achievement.
Navneet Kaushal is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs who can learn from his achievements. He earned his MBA, and he is a living example of how anyone can succeed if they work hard and persistently toward their goals. The staff at PageTraffic, which provides a full range of digital marketing services, has worked tirelessly to achieve the company's success. Social media management, brand communications, web development, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and search engine optimization (SEO) are just a few of the services offered by the firm. The vision of PageTraffic is to emerge as a globally respected organization that leverages cutting-edge and innovative digital technologies delivered by a dedicated and creative team to create engaging relationships for its clients.

PageTraffic's team has helped businesses from every sector be successful on the internet including restaurants & hospitality; finance and insurance; legal firms, heavy equipment/manufacturing, dental practices -- just to name a few! PageTraffic has become one of the most reputable SEO companies in India, including being the renowned SEO Company in Delhi too. PageTraffic, a leading SEO company, also announced that they have successfully helped businesses in every major sectors rank higher on Google and other search engines. The company's cutting-edge technology and experienced team of experts have helped clients from a wide range of industries achieve better visibility and increased traffic. In a statement, the CEO of PageTraffic said: "We are proud to have assisted businesses in every major niches with their SEO needs. Our service deliverables are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients, and we will continue to provide unmatched service and results."
Navneet Kaushal adheres to the belief that "if you look after your people, your people will look after your customers, and your business will take care of itself." PageTraffic owes a debt of gratitude to all of its workers, who have been a part of the company since its start and have contributed to its exponential growth. PageTraffic credits all of its success and prosperity to its staff, who have been their most valuable asset.
To summarize, Navneet always emphasizes the fact that results speak for themselves. And after 20 years of working, PageTraffic has been one big result that stands out till now! The company intends to reach a turnover of 100 crores in the next few years, and their 10-year targets are ambitious, which they plan to achieve with the help of their dedicated team.
PageTraffic has had an eventful journey over the past 20 years, with impressive milestones achieved along the way. Their success is attributed to their focus on delivering tangible results for their clients, which has resulted in them becoming one of Asia's leading Search and digital marketing companies.
PageTraffic is excited to announce their plans for the future. They are aiming high and hoping to achieve great things in the years to come. Their goal is to soar high into the future, and they believe that with hard work and dedication they can make this happen. They are committed to providing the best possible online marketing service to their clients and continuing to grow as a business.
You can also visit https://www.pagetraffic.com to know more about their Services and offerings.
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