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Paramount Beds

Paramount Bed contributes to improve medical treatment in Thailand

ANI | Updated: May 30, 2018 17:34 IST

Bangkok, [Thailand], May 30 (ANI): Japan's medical technology is supporting the needs of elderly people and patients in Thailand through providing beds for the use in medical and welfare fields.
Paramount Bed is a leading manufacturer in Japan making such products for more than 70 years.
Paramount Bed Thailand opened a new showroom in January.
It handles various products from elderly care to medical care items. All of the products are neatly exhibited in the showroom.
These products are mainly used in public university hospitals.
"We opened a new showroom, Paramount Bed Experience Thailand, in January of this year. Paramount Bed proposes comfortable homecare environment based on technological know-how and ideas that have been accumulating in Japan market," said Kenji Aoki, Paramount Bed Thailand.
Here in this showroom, comprehensive help and support for customers' needs are provided.
The staff kindly stays by customers' side, hear their questions and consult the problems together.
Guests can also experience controlling beds.
Various supporting suggestions are offered to solve problems based on accumulated experience.
"We are looking for some equipment to help elderly people. Instead of using people's assistance, here has a lot of mechanical assistances combined with new technology such as remote control. So, it is easy for elderly people," said a customer.
Promount Bed appeals the fact that it does not only produce and sell products, but also puts efforts into maintenance and after-sales service.
The important policies in service are "High quality of products", "High quality of after-sales", and "Quick response and flexible logistic systems".
This commitment to consumers is leading to strong local sales.
"Paramount Bed is well known brand from our store's customers. I receive mostly good feedback about quality of its products from our customers. Also it is great about after-sales service, and they provide quick response systems for customers," said Naiyawate Dumkham, Pharmax the Crystal.
The population of elderly people in Thailand is increasing year by year and as the demand for elderly people care and medical care products is rising, Japan's technology continues to support people's bright future worldwide. (ANI)