Paras Thakral
Paras Thakral

Paras Thakral establishes himself as a successful YouTuber

ANI | Updated: May 25, 2021 14:35 IST

New Delhi [India], May 25 (ANI/ThePRTree): Youtuber Paras Thakral achieves financial stability with his creative work across three YouTube channels garnering millions of followers. Currently, his channel Paras Thakral Vlogs holds 934k subscribers and on an average all his videos garner up to 1 million views.
Growing from a salesman to a Youtube Content Creator, Paras gave into tireless efforts of understanding the dynamics of creativity, knowing his audience, and presenting ideas that people could relate to.
Digitization has paved a way for talent-filled minds to come up and explore the world of opportunities. Paras Thakral, knowing his knack, grabbed one and made his name in the industry. From doing a small job as a salesman, he is now rich, confident and one of the most successful YouTubers. He says, "I didn't anticipate this success. Who would've known back then that I would have so many people looking up for me in just a matter of a few years."

Having started his journey when he had nothing, Paras has come a long way in continuing his dream and passion. However, it wasn't an easy cakewalk for him. It took a few years of continuous hard work, a lot of mistakes, learning, and improvisation for him to succeed on Youtube. His video 'Madhav Reveal Baby Face' holds the highest of 12 Million views on his channel.
Today, Paras Thakral not only has one but three successful youtube channels dedicated to Fitness, Vlogging, Funny and Entertaining Videos. This success came with a lot of popularity and love for him. Nowadays he has a huge following of youth because of the knowledge he shares about fitness and personality on YouTube. He is quite appreciated in the digital world for his content and motivating efforts.
Having brought a ball game change in his life, he has become a nobody to someone who needs no introduction. Whether it is financial stability or overall a successful life, he has achieved it at a young age. To think a young who had nothing now has come this far kind of seems an impossible dream. But it has come true all because of his belief in himself and sheer hard work and dedication towards his goal.
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