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Passion Vista felicitated Sukhwinder Singh Kharour on International Men's Day
Passion Vista felicitated Sukhwinder Singh Kharour on International Men's Day

Passion Vista felicitated Sukhwinder Singh Kharour on International Men's Day

ANI | Updated: Jan 10, 2022 15:11 IST

New Delhi [India], January 10 (ANI/ATK): On the occasion of International Men's Day, passion vista conducted a virtual gala to felicitate and honor men across the globe for their remarkable contribution towards the development of the nation.
Unified Brainz Celebrated the Success of Men leading by example with Glitz, Glamour & Glory on the occasion of International Men's Day on 19th of November 2021 through a virtual event named "Men Leaders to Look Up to 2021." This glorious ceremony saw the presence of some most sought-after lineup of men leaders who were featured from different walks of life sharing their passionate journeys.
Sukhwinder Singh Kharour was felicitated for his impeccable journey in bringing groundbreaking initiatives and growth. A technology maven, entrepreneur, and visionary with over twenty-five years of technology, integration, and media experience, Sukhwinder Singh Kharour is a pioneer and expert in technology integration, operations, studio, and broadcast setup with a deep understanding of the global and Indian Digital Infrastructure industry. Born in a small village near Bhatinda, he appreciates his parents' efforts, unconditional support, and love in bringing him up as a good individual. Additionally, he also states that his motivations have a considerable impact on his aspirations.
He started weaving his grassroots over prevalent years in Cine Vision Entertainers as an Editor cum Project Coordinator. Subsequently, he joined Engraf Films in Mohali as an Editor and Special Effects Expert. Persistently, he progressed towards a firm named Standard Corporation India Limited as Technical Head.
Sukhwinder always wanted to reshape technology and life. He recognized the big problem of IT infrastructure in our country and founded Vuenow Infotech, modern-day computing solutions, and IT Infrastructure Company as a solution. Sukhwinder is now dedicated to creating world-class infra and data storage solutions, a boon to many. It will lay the foundation for emerging future technologies and be a critical component in socio-economic development.
With Veunow Infotech, he envisions assimilating all necessary computing solutions under one umbrella to help businesses grow. The creation of advanced digital ecosystems with efficient computing solutions and IT infrastructure will benefit businesses and every household, providing last-mile access to better education and healthcare. A positive feature of this all-embracing man is how he doesn't strive for a perfect schedule but rather a realistic one.
"Balance is achieved over time, not each day. It is important to remain fluid and constantly assess where you are [versus] your goals and priorities," said Heather Monahan. I follow the same and allow myself to remain open to redirecting and assessing my needs on any day," he explains his theory.

The pandemic, besides being a cause of massive distress, was also a teacher, according to Sukhwinder. It taught us that we're providing an essential service, so we need to ensure that we can provide this service reliably no matter the circumstances. "Our company took this as a challenge, and sped up in bringing new innovative and future-oriented ideas. In the pandemic, more companies faced the need for data management for commencing smooth and uninterrupted business, where we come into play.
And give our best services like customized solutions, quick response, and future-oriented approach." Being a people person, networking, and having a positive attitude are some of Sukhwinder's strengths. His prolonged twenty-five-year-old experience in technology integration and media makes him adaptable to new environments quickly. In his own words, one of his weaknesses is, "I cannot say no to anyone who asks for my help."
As the founder of this achieving company, he and his team are running towards an IT infra megacorp by building India's immense distributed computing network, aiming to lead worldwide businesses for digital alteration, making a remarkable benchmark.
Sukhwinder believes that one has to be optimistic in their approach to think limitless. "The problem is that we find negative people with a negative approach everywhere. They keep discouraging us with their remarks - You can't do it. I had also tried but failed. You know that there is much competition here, bet me you can't succeed.
Don't listen to them. Be optimistic; think limitless." We now live in an era when one simply cannot do without technology. Sukhwinder opines that everyone should develop healthy tech habits and become responsible digital citizens. "As such, we should allow youngsters to use their tech knowledge to create real-world learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom.
Explore the wonderful things you can create with digital media." His experience, work, and goals speak pages about Sukhwinder Singh Kharour's life as a fabulous gala of achievements.
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