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The Golden Book Awards announces the winners of the Golden Book Award 2023
The Golden Book Awards announces the winners of the Golden Book Award 2023

Prestigious book award "Golden Book Awards" announces winners of 2023

ANI | Updated: Feb 03, 2023 14:53 IST

New Delhi [India], February 3 (ANI/SRV): The Golden Book Awards is proud to announce the winners of 2023, a prestigious recognition program honoring outstanding fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and literary works.
The Golden Book Awards recognizes exceptional literary works that have made a significant impact in their respective fields and have been deemed essential reading for their depth of research, quality of writing, and originality of thought. This year's winners were selected from a pool of highly qualified nominees by a panel of independent judges.
The renowned jury is Dr Kailash Pinjani (President Indian Author Association), who has trained more than 20000 authors to write the book, Dr Deepak Parbat (Founder of Superfast Author) is an International Trainer and Publisher, Murali Sundaram (Founder of TLC), TLC is India's only peer to peer coaches and trainers support community.
"We are honored to recognize these outstanding works of Authors," said Manika Singh, CEO of Wings Publication International & Literary Director of Golden Book Awards. " These books demonstrate the power of knowledge, the importance of critical thinking, and the impact that well-researched and well-written books can have on shaping our understanding of the world."
Winners of Golden Book Awards 2023 are:
Deepak Chopra - The Seven Spiritual Law Of Success: A practical guide to achieving your dreams
Ashneer Grover - Doglapan: The Hard Truth about Life and Start-Ups
Jeff Kinney - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Diper Overlode
J.K Rowling - Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore
Gaur Gopal Das - Energize Your Mind: A Monk's Guide to Mindful Living
Ruskin Bond - How To Live Your Life
Namita Thapar - The Dolphin and the Shark: Stories on Entrepreneurship
Kamlesh Patel - The Wisdom Bridge: Nine Principles to a Life that Echoes in the Hearts of Your Loved Ones
Geeta Piramal - Rahul Bajaj: An Extraordinary Life | Official Biography of the chairman of Bajaj Group
Sneh Desai, Sunil Tulsiani & Brian Tracy: Ultimate Secrets to Wealth
Raj Shamani - Build, Don't Talk: Things You Wish You Were Taught in School
Bhupendra Singh Raathore - The Magic of Thinking Rich
Deepak Bajaj - Network Marketing in 60 Minutes
Deepti Naval - A Country Called Childhood: A Memoir
Nila Prasad - The Silver Gold Tower
K.B.S.Venkat Sai - A Guide for Women Laws and How to File an FIR
Aad Ram Nayak - Vigyanaku ek hajar nav sanchar
Sujit Kumar Mishra - Winner of the day
Kiran Tandon - Extra Ordinary Experiences of an (Extra) Ordinary Girl
Bidisha Chakraborty - Moner Kobit

Dr Pravada Milind Telang - Unselfish Desires
Shahana Debnath - The Insight
Dr. Gayatri Narasimhan - INVAS
Sonal Loharikar - MAAJGHAR - a traditional food culture
Pramendra Srivastava - Sacred Mysteries: Shedding Illusions of Religions
Anuj Ashokan - AI AVATAR: The ethically conscious Advaitic (Non-Dual) AI
Amit Khare - The Rolling Soul - A Collection of Poems
Hemant Suva - Conquer the battle within
Juju's Pearls (Dr Reemanshu Bans al) - Momsie Popsie Diary Tea time chit chat on living life
Shelma Sahayam - The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis
Sridevi Soundirarajan - Positive Infinity
Dr Mangesh Madhukarrao Kalore - The Science of Physiognomy
David Baker- The Chronicles of Cancatia: Divided
Dr Aparna Pradhan - Existence of womanhood
Manoj (Vaz) Ramchandran - TINSEL
SHIVAJI DAS - Hundred Thoughts of King
Arun Kunjunny - Merrored Poetry 101
Osheen - Adventure with the Sea and the Sand
Ivy Emmanuel Thomas - The Wheel Spins to Your Will
Vaishali - Khudgarziyan
Golden Book Awards is sponsored by Wings Publication International. Wings Publication is a leading independent publisher that has been making waves in the publishing industry for its commitment to quality and excellence. The company was founded to bring to the forefront books that are not only well-written and informative but also have the power to inspire and make a difference. Over the years, Wings Publication has become synonymous with high-quality books that are enjoyed by readers of all ages and backgrounds.
Golden Book Awards extends its warmest congratulations to all of this year's winners and encourages readers everywhere to discover these exceptional works.
For more information on the Golden Book Awards, please visit the official website at www.goldenbookawards.com
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