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Quick Bites

Quick Bites to expand their services and establish as a PAN India brand

ANI | Updated: Aug 10, 2021 11:17 IST

New Delhi [India], August 10 (ANI/ThePRTree): A brand that delivers authentic Indian snacks at your doorstep, Quick Bites Services Pvt. Ltd. is extending its branches nationwide manifesting itself as a PAN India brand.
Started from Madurai as Madrasi Quick Bites, the brand has now availed its services for people to order from Maharashtra as Marathi Quick Bites, from Gujarat as Gujarati Quick Bites, from Bengal as Bengali Quick Bites, from Rajasthan as Rajasthani Quick Bites, and from Punjab as Punjabi Quick Bites. With this expansion, the brand focuses on providing the authentic snacks of the desired states to reach your door at affordable prices.
The firm has also partnered with a plethora of hoteliers and guest houses at various travel destinations like Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Kashmir, and Ladakh to provide the tourists with healthy and nutritious snacks, accompanying them on their travel expeditions as delicious munchies.
Quick Bites have confederated with hotels to place a packet of their products in the guest's rooms and in the restaurants for them to try and relish in the taste of authenticity. Further on, they are planning to reach out to all the hill stations and enable a partnership with the desired hotels there as well.
Founded by Soundar Rajan, Quick Bites started as a passion that turned into a full fledging business crediting his ace business skills. Talking about his concept behind launching the company, Soundar says, "When I started the firm all I had in mind was bringing the taste of traditional Madrasi flavors to all those who visited the place and take along a piece of it with them. Crediting my experience of having worked with top-tier travel agencies, I decided and worked onto expand our services in a way that would not only increase our brand reach but also cater to tourists from all around the country and even abroad."

A passionpreneur, Soundar has garnered over two decades of experience. He started Madrasi Quick Bites during the pandemic with a factory unit set up in Madurai at first, which as time passed, transformed into Quick Bites Services Pvt. Ltd and built a credible online presence on the go.
The brand is co-founded by Rahul Kumar, whose exemplary leadership skills have led Quick Bites to touch new horizons. Stating his vision for the company, he says, "I envisage to grow our firm leaps and bounds establishing it as a PAN India brand. We very well understand that there will be innumerable challenges along the way as we scale up, but our commitment to quality, taste, and a feel of authentic home snacks will remain pivotal to our operations. I believe that our team's indomitable spirit will be the constant driver for us to keep upscaling our services and product line up so that we can continue to delight our customers, not just with a better buying experience but a more authentic snacking experience as well."
It could be said for certain that with Quick Bites services in place, customers from all over the country would be able to enjoy the taste of authentic and healthy snacks at the comfort of their homes, or even at the tedious times of their travels.
For more information about the company, please visit the website www.quickbites.shop
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