Quick Dry Your Way To Health This Monsoon
Quick Dry Your Way To Health This Monsoon

Quick Dry Your Way To Health This Monsoon

ANI | Updated: Aug 13, 2021 11:37 IST

New Delhi [India], August 13 (ANI/Mediawire): After scorching summers, monsoons are always welcome. But drying clothes during monsoons is a big headache in almost every home.
Indoor drying is also hazardous for health and one of the leading causes of respiratory diseases. Luckily, dryers today can ensure a quick and clean drying of your clothes, all in the comfort of the indoors.
The IFB Turbo Dry Clothes Dryer is an effective solution for drying clothes in just one hour, especially during monsoon and for that matter any season. If you use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair, you will understand how the IFB dryer works.
Air is heated to the perfect quick-dry temperature and a turbo fan blows the clothes dry. You can also set the timer based on the type of clothes to dry. Just like your hair, the blow-dried clothes and linen feel soft, and comfortable. Unlike air drying in the sun, there are also no dust or pollutants or germs that settle on clothes.
High humidity during the rainy season does not allow quick evaporation of water from the clothes. So, the clothes take a lot more time to dry than usual. Then, there is also the regular or constant rain that may make your clothes hanging outside more wet.
We all know of the ritual of rushing out to retrieve our clothes when it rains and hanging them inside to dry. But, it is not a very efficient method. Trying to dry clothes inside takes up a lot of space and also makes the houses messy and sometimes smelly.

Damp clothes can be a breeding ground for mildew or other bacteria that cause odour. Further, these also provide conditions for the growth and spread of the fungus, which not only ruins the fabric but can also be harmful to the wearer's health. The fungus from one piece of clothing can spread to another in wet conditions. Fungus growing on clothes can lead to skin irritation or other maladies.
Moreover, critically, with the various fungus-related respiratory infections spreading these days in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it becomes doubly essential to keep the clothes dry to protect people with breathing problems.
Dryers from IFB are key to solving all of the above issues. With these, you do not need to hang clothes outside and wait for a long time for them to get dry. Moreover, you will not have to make a beeline for outside every time it rains to retrieve your clothes. Hence, using IFB clothes dryers will also save space indoors.

More importantly, these dryers are equipped with technology that ensures;
Prevention of breeding of germs, spores, and allergens,
Removing of lint, hair, and allergens that cause sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes,
Protection from dust and containments in the polluted air, and
Protection from allergens, molds, and odor caused by drying clothes indoors.
Dryers from IFB further dry clothes much faster than before, can dry clothes effectively in any weather, are compact enough to take up minimal space, use cool air to help keep clothes fresh, and use a combination of hot and cool air along with gentle rotations with auto- reverse to ensure minimal creasing of the clothing. So, you can take your garments from the dryer and wear them.
These, along with many other features that IFB clothes dryers offer, keep the clothes dry and clean. Therefore, the wearer has access to quick-dried clothing that is also clean, making the drying process healthier and safer for the user.
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