Qutone members with Anil Kapoor
Qutone members with Anil Kapoor

Qutone presents the revolutionary 'Imarble'

ANI | Updated: Aug 24, 2018 16:21 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Aug 24 (NewsVoir): Qutone, the leading brand in the tile industry in India, has done it once again. Backed by a mammoth research and development department, the company launched a completely new, never seen before range of products called 'imarble'.
The product is in the size of 12 Feet by 4 Feet, a never seen or thought of product in the entire world.
Manoj Agarwal, C.M.D., Qutone, along with all the esteemed directors, were elated and proud to be unveiling the collection which is all set to revolutionize the Indian tile industry and are honored to partner with the Prime Minister's 'Make in India' initiative. The company will be manufacturing the product line at world's first of its kind, state-of-the-art plant based in Gujarat, using European technology.
Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor, who has been with Qutone for two years in a row, simply puts it as, "Jab Qutone ho Saath, har lamhe Mein hai Kuch baat". Also, present on the occasion was Sunil Manglunia, Managing Director, Qutone.
Manoj Agarwal also expressed his exhilaration and said, "Our primary aim at Qutone is to mesmerize our consumers in India and 61 countries in the world by unveiling new products regularly. We first launched 'imarble' in size of 8 Feet by 4 Feet in 2016, and it became the biggest ever in Asia. Now, with technological progression, we have out beaten ourselves and launched the biggest tile slab in the world."
Sunil Manglunia noted 'imarble' as a product has set high benchmarks in terms of design, size, and innovation, and is an initiative to save our environment. He said, "We are confident of the quick and high demand our product range is going to create in India, and globally too. Thus, we strongly align ourselves with the Prime Ministers vision by targeting a gradual decrease in imports and increase in exports."
Actor Anil Kapoor, who is very selective about the brands he endorses, added, "It feels great to be part of the Qutone family and I only give my confirmation on any brand when I am confident endorsing it. Team Qutone has smartly collaborated European Technology with Indian warmth and the result is this beautiful collection."
The entire range of 'imarble' was interestingly showcased with their USP being their size of 12 feet (height) by 4 feet (width).
Here are the features of imarble thin slab:
-Waterproof Quality: Water absorption level almost nonexistent - restrains growth of fungus and algae
-Bending Strength: High tensile strength level - easy to shape and mold for furniture, sinks, table tops and various other utilities
-Sunlight Resistance: UV Rays do not affect the color quality - durable in outdoor ambience
-Stain Resistance: Non-porous surface. Stains remains on the surface and are easy to remove - low maintenance
-Chemical Resistance: Resistant to solvents, disinfectants, detergents, chemical cleaning agents such as bleach or ammonia, low concentration of acid & alkalis, swimming pool salts
-Thermal Shock Resistance: Resistant to sudden changes of temperature - weatherproof, suitable for the extreme hot climate
-Easy Cleaning: Special cleaning products are not required unlike natural marble - Low cost and ease of maintenance
-Sustainability: Environment-friendly, bio-degradable and recyclable - support to green and pollution free environment
-Slim Tiles: Ideal for wall paneling, wall decor, wall cladding, table top
-High Flexibility: Increases the strength and toughness - easy to install on wall & floor. Withstands with minor surface undulation, thus provides flowless and deviation free surface appearance
-Hygienic Material: Doesn't emit harmful substances - safe for all living beings and for contact with food