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Rasheed Edayappuram
Rasheed Edayappuram

Rasheed Edayappuram, the expatriate who is now inspiring charity work

ANI | Updated: Feb 17, 2021 17:40 IST

New Delhi [India], February 17 (ANI/ThePRTree): It was his life as an expatriate that inspired him to do social work when he came back to India in 2004. Since then Rasheed has been a familiar face in circles that intend and inspire to work for others and help the needy.
Born in 1976 to Aboobakker in outskirts of Aluva, he could only do his education till 10th standard. He studied at the SNDP school, which belonged to a community organisation in the name of the famed saint. He had to venture out into work after school for a livelihood and did business for some time.
He was active with MSF during his school days. The interest in social activities and community interventions was there inside him from earlier days. But Rasheed had to go abroad to find a dignified livelihood. His encounter with various sections of society and hardships they faced changed his life and he found his inner calling in coming back to his homeland and helping the needy.
Rasheed was the vice president of 'Manasu' charitable society for a long time and consistently organised blood donation drives. His outreach to people and attitude to intervene in public affairs endeared him to the regional populace. He has taken up land encroachment issues by vested interests in Keezhmadu panchayat and eviction of local traders from it. The issue came to an amicable settlement due to his and civil society's intervention.
When a local person Hussain's family faced troubles due to land encroachment due to disruption of public water service, he facilitated a solution by gathering people and taking strong steps by directly intervening in it.

Rasheed focused on the region of Keezhmadu, Edathala Medical college and organised many agitations against the pathetic condition of the road there. His campaign against the Carbon company, Choornikkara environment issue and water supply issue in Aluva got recognition in the mainstream media.
His activism was not restricted to charity and environmental issues, but he also intervened in the Aluva Police custodial torture case and against illegal construction of a tower in a building that doesn't meet necessary safety requirement.
He organised a 'Volunteer Brigade' in time of Covid to reach out and help everyone in need beyond any division and this earned him a lot of laurels.
When asked Rasheed, 'What is his life's mission and what is the focus of his activities?', he answers 'I have gone through a lot in life and suffered in various aspects, I want our people and coming generations to have a better life. If I can be of any use for the larger cause of society and nation-building, I would consider my life meaningful then'.
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