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Refer these tech-enabled platforms to ensure cheat proof exams

ANI | Updated: Jul 07, 2018 14:14 IST

New Delhi [India], July 7 (ANI): Providing a proctored exam center near the location of the test taker is a big challenge for most organizations. Not to forget the cheating and impersonation that happens on online tests.
The recent spate of paper 'leakages' in key exams such as CBSE and CLAT has made the organizations more wary.
From deploying technological tools to conducting exams from verified centers, educational institutes/organizations are taking measures that can nab 'e-cheating'. Taking a cue from India's largest employer-Indian Railways harnesses technology to keep hiring process clean by having 'cheat-proof' online exam.
Here are four platforms that can help conduct remote online exams securely and cheat proof:
Mettl's online remote proctoring solution caters to two significant industries, education and recruiting. It allows companies and educational institutions to conduct examinations by transcending geographical limitations with live video monitoring to oversee candidates giving these tests. It monitors test takers live via our remote proctoring system wherein a live proctor could be watching over students/candidates and they can pause, terminate or warn candidates via chat. The algorithms by Mettl automatically flags suspicious user behavior while letting you decide the level of tolerance you want to enforce.
Ensure the authenticity of the candidate's knowledge during online tests through various remote proctoring mechanisms offered by Talview.The system by Talview monitors the feeds for any suspicious activity using advanced video and audio analytics. It ensures candidate focuses on test screen during the test, there is enough light in the room and checks for suspicious objects in video and background voice activity to red flag the test. Adding to this, one can administer tests from the organization, the candidates can take the test from their location of choice and one can still see if the candidate is cheating or not. Online Remote Proctoring service provides a detailed log of browser activity and audio-visual responses of the candidate to ensure that the candidate is not cheating on assessments. A proctor can monitor up to 16/32 candidates at a time making it extremely scalable.
Think Exam
Think Exam software is an online examination platform developed to give the online assessment industry a new level of experience while conducting exams. Amongst the varied features, one of the most significant attributes of think exam is towards countering the obstacle of cheating. By providing an anti-cheat feature which ensures cheat protection in three different steps, think exam will prevent candidates from the obstacle causing uncertainty of copied answers while testing candidates. The three steps involve shuffling of questions, shuffling of answers and Question bank- generating randomized questions.
Wheebox- Global Online skill Assessment Company has its own technology platform 'iWatch' that can remotely track every mouse click of test-taking candidates. Eagle-eyed humans at computers can monitor faraway students via webcams and screen sharing using Internet connections also automated checking of Photo IDs ensure that the test-taker is the student who has registered for the assessment. iWatch is an advance online-based proctoring solution from Wheebox which is used to monitor a candidate's activity. Using Technology, one can maintain ethics of assessment, prevent approach to eliminate or reduce opportunities for students to cheat. (ANI)