REHAU India launches high design vertical sliding windows and high design doors to re-define living spaces

ANI | Updated: Dec 28, 2017 17:10 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 28 (ANI-NewsVoir): REHAU India, a leading system and service provider for polymer-based solutions in windows, furniture and building industry launched Vertical Sliding Windows and High Design doors to re-define living spaces.

The REHAU high design sliding door systems are designed for a floor to ceiling view and is a perfect all rounder for a larger view. The REHAU High-Design Sliding Door provides a variety of styles, maximising glazing and viewing area and maintaining versatility.

The sliding door has been designed with structural integrity in the forefront and does not take away its excellent thermal performance.

The REHAU vertical sliding Window System energises and improves ventilation and allows more fresh air in the home. The upper sash can ventilate stale air and lower sash brings fresh air. Both the sashes can be operated up and down, also tilted horizontally. It is a perfect example of a blend of advanced technology and traditional design.

"REHAU India is consistently innovating to bring cutting edge products that offer tremendous value and enhance the livings spaces. With changing family dynamics and smaller family size, there is a re-definition of sense of space across centers. Families today, believe in a simple home bringing a sense of relaxation, freshness and ventilation. Moreover, with shrinking outdoor spaces, there is larger expectations from what a home can provide offering greater flexibility in using a space for multiple uses," said chairman REHAU South Asia, Ajay Khurana.

Advantages of the new line of products:

REHAU High-Design Sliding Door

Better Aesthetics: The perfect solution for larger heights with excellent structural strength in new and old buildings

More Lighting and Ventilation: With a floor to ceiling in your home, it brings surplus natural light and fresh air

Sturdy and Safe: With larger frame widths and bigger chambers, the overall door's design is very sturdy and strong against higher wind loads and burglary

Ease of Operation: The operation of the door is very easy and smooth because of the high quality rollers on which the door slides

Suitable for heights for upto 10 Feet:

REHAU Vertical Sliding Window Systems

More Aesthetics: Large window (up to 11 Feet height)

More Ventilation: Upper sash can ventilate stale air and lower sash can bring in fresh air which is suitable for humid environments

More Lighting: Large windows that turn your rooms into bright & spacious living space

Ease of Operation: Convenient to operate as both sashes can be tilted inwards to allow ease of cleaning

Safety and Security: Comes with anti-jemmy security bar for optimum safety

Greater Performance: Triple brush sealing for best-in-class water tightness

Energy Efficient: Provides thermal insulation and traps the heat inside reducing the energy bills.(ANI-NewsVoir)