RENTSHER carves a niche in Dubai; becomes leading online player

ANI | Updated: Nov 29, 2017 17:01 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 29 (ANI): Leading online product rental marketplace and an aggregator for event service providers, electronics, and medical equipment RENTSHER has carved a compelling niche for itself in Dubai's events and tourism rich ecosystem.

With nearly 100 vendors catering to more than 300+ businesses on RENTSHER's platform, including most large hotels and event venues, the company has conducted business over USD 350,000 in its first year of operations.

Headed by Vaibhav Doshi, a prominent expert in business setup and operationalization, RENTSHER Middle East is based out of Dubai and located at Astrolabs, a Google for Entrepreneur Hub.

It is modeled on a completely asset-light, marketplace model, wherein the complete rental inventory placed on its easy-to-use and flexible platform is owned and supplied by its network of vendors.

This inventory offers its clientele in Dubai the option of renting products with the same level of convenience as booking a movie ticket - users can browse through verified products, evaluate prices for different time periods, and book them online for their choice of dates and checkout.

The specialty inventory is top-of-the-line, event and party equipment including furniture, furnishings, decor and services, and medical home equipment, which comes with quality checks and guarantees, has been in high demand for parties, corporate events, home healthcare, and tourism.

"We are extremely excited about the success of RENTSHER's foray into the Middle East, given its quick traction, vendor on-boarding, and revenues. The RENTSHER Middle East team has done a great job, and we are looking forward to being the region's first rental player by using Dubai as a gateway to enter into GCC, and subsequently into Europe and Africa," said CEO and co-founder RENTSHER, Harsh Dhand.

RENTSHER is looking to capitalize on its successful entry into the UAE by consolidating the market and expanding across GCC countries, with an aim to capture 10-15 percent of the USD four billion rental market of the region by 2020.

The company has already taken giant strides in the Indian market with over 70 SMEs and startups and 30,000 customers having used the platform and showcasing a 25 percent quarter-on-quarter growth rate. RENTSHER Middle East's success is a harbinger to come of the company's geographical expansion, as it aims to scale up in Indian cities and global markets to strengthen its position as a one-stop shop for all rental inventories in APAC, and now GCC regions. (ANI)