Rubique on an aggressive expansion drive; will set up services in 100 cities

ANI | Updated: Oct 16, 2017 13:17 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Oct. 16 (ANI): India's leading fintech company, Rubique, is on an aggressive expansion drive and will expand to a hundred cities across India by March 2018. In a bid to revolutionize the traditional lending scenario of the country, Rubique plans to take its services to as many Indians as possible.

Rubique is currently present in 27 cities in India and expects that these new markets will take up substantial credit from the data-driven platform, raising the current total credit disbursed by the company from Rs. 2,000 crore to triple or quadruple that level.

Rubique has been disrupting the traditional lending process through digitizing the financial sector. Its revolutionary approach integrates tech-driven paradigm shifts into the conventional financial assessment systems, providing the best KYC, credit bureau integration, banking analysis, and enhanced logic through its proprietary matchmaking algorithms, and use of new data science methodologies.

Rubique's unique Online PLUS model comes with paperless-focused features that transform the loan approval and processing through e-KYC, ranking analysis, and real-time status tracking - into an optimized and efficient system taking up minimal time and greatly increasing accuracy. Rubique's SPOT, an internal data platform run by Rubique covers the entire consumer journey from lead generation to disbursement for all types of loans and credit cards.

Rubique also deploys Rubot, an AI decision engine powered bot that eases the transaction experience by using customer data to match the customer's financial requirements with the products hosted on the platform. Equipped with these radical technologies, Rubique offers a wide range of loan products and end-to-end loan fulfilment to individuals and MSMEs.

The company's proprietary matchmaking algorithm enables consumers to get the best deal in the quickest possible time while lowering the cost of customer acquisition for the financial institution. Through the deployment of these tech-driven solutions and the access to the products hosted on the platform, Rubique will digitize and optimize the Indian financial sector.

"The delays and inefficiencies of the current traditional lending system make credit inaccessible to this (small businesses and individuals) important driver of the Indian economy. By expanding our reach, we are going to provide relief to this neglected and under-credited section of the Indian economy, leveraging our cutting-edge technology to provide them access to a bouquet of financial services that they need," said MD and CEO, Rubique, Manav Jeet.

Amid all the fintech firms operating in the country today, Rubique stands out as one of the few success stories driving India's rapidly-growing digital financial services sector. Recently, Rubique has also been featured in IDC's FinTech 101 list for Asia/Pacific and mentioned as one of the 10 fast-growing fintech companies in India. (ANI)