Siddha Mala
Siddha Mala

Rudralife decodes the mysterious Rudraksha. An ancient wisdom for success and wellbeing

ANI | Updated: Aug 28, 2020 17:55 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 28 (ANI/Mediawire): The Himalayas have been a source of mysticism, wisdom and unique natural resources since time immemorial. Hinduism the world's most ancient civilization has many of its roots in the Himalayas.
Lord Shiva the greatest amongst the trinity of Gods is said to reside at Mount Kailash in the Himalayas. The most revered, pious and holy river Ganges has its origin in the Himalayas. Lord Hanuman brought the lifesaving Sanjeevani Buti (Plant) to revive Laxman around 7000 years ago from the Himalayas. Another mystical divine and magical seed of a fruit, Rudraksha, also has its origin in the Himalayas.
Said to have originated from the tears of Lord Shiva, Rudraksha (Rudraksh or rudraakss) has been worn since time immemorial by not only the Gods, sages and saints but also by people from all walks of life, for growth, success and wellbeing. Due to its efficacy, power and divinity of Lord Shiva it has always been in great demand.
Over the years Rudraksha has attracted many myths, doubts and also occurrence of fake Rudraksha has been observed in the market. Rudralife was started in 2001, with a mission to promote and propagate the true knowledge on Rudraksha and provide genuine high-grade laboratory tested Rudraksha to people all over the world. With many researches done and years of experience, Rudralife is considered as a final authority on the subject.
There are various types of Rudraksha produced from the same tree having facets/Mukhis. These are vertical lines from the mouth to the tail of the Rudraksha. Rudraksha from 1-21 Mukhis are regularly found in nature and as per scriptures each Mukhi represent a Hindu God and Goddess and have a positive effect on a person's life. Rudralife is also renowned for its unique recommending strategy to determine the most suitable Rudraksha for a person for health, success, relationship, career and wellbeing.
Various Rudraksha combination like Saraswati Bandh for students, Swasthya Bandh for health, Ganesh Laxmi combinations for career growth, Dhyan Yog for meditation and Siddha Mala for growth in all spheres has benefitted many and have resulted in a rich bank of testimonials.
A very unique fact and about Rudraksha is that, a digital Xray shows, the number of lines or Mukhi on the surface will have same number of compartments inside. For example, a 7 Mukhi Rudraksha will have 7 lines on the surface (visible) and 7 internal compartments (determined by Xray). Rudralife provides laboratory certified Rudraksha to people worldwide and are considered as the most authentic source for genuine and high grade Rudraksha.

As per Shiv Puran by the instructions of Lord Shiva, people of all caste, creed, gender and religion should wear Rudraksha. There are no restrictions on wearing of Rudraksha as they have only positive effects benefitting all mankind. Rudralife debunks many myths such as ladies should not wear Rudraksha, non-vegetarians cannot wear Rudraksha and that it is only for Hindus. Rudralife has organised more than 950 plus exhibition and seminars worldwide to educate and impart true knowledge and benefits of Rudraksha.
Rudralife has been busting these myths and have reached out to all those who wish to seek answers and revelations on these mysterious beads. The glory of Rudraksha is mentioned in 18 of our ancient Hindu scriptures such as Shiv Puran, Padma Puran, Shrimad Devi Bhagwatam, Mantra Mahavarna, Rudraksha Japaloupnashid etc. Lord Shiva himself wears Rudraksha and ancient scriptures mentions that He himself attained Rudrahood after wearing Rudraksha.
Many notable personalities both in past and present have worn Rudraksha and achieved great successes and bliss. This shows the true efficacy of Rudraksha and the power it holds within. The common denominator amongst the rishis/sages/saints of Hinduism who were scientists and have achieved great successes in astrology/astronomy and various sciences is that they all used to wear Rudraksha for not only deep insight and meditation but also unravelled the mysteries of creation. In recent past many politicians, businessmen, people in media as well as people from all walks of life have attributed their success to the Rudraksha worn.
After organizing 7 researches at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and other investigations, Rudralife believes that this mystical and divine bead of Lord Shiva has far more miracles to offer. Maybe this is the reason that Lord Shiva Himself wears and adorns His Rudraksha with great pride and honour.
"I feel blessed and humbled by the grace of Lord Shiva to have been chosen to spread His knowledge. Me and my team are committed to provide true knowledge and continue in our endeavour to demystify the sacred bead - Rudraksha," claims Dr Tanay Seetha, Founder Rudralife.
Rudralife provides free consultations on which Rudraksha combination to wear for desired results, through their website You can also follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest.
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