Saurabh Nandwani
Saurabh Nandwani

Saurabh Nandwani explores and reviews cuisines via his blog

ANI | Updated: Apr 06, 2021 12:53 IST

New Delhi [India], April 6 (ANI/ThePRTree): An astute businessman and Founder of 'Flirting with Flavors', Saurabh Nandwani explores different types of cuisines and lifestyle hacks via his blog. With a keen interest in experimenting with dishes, he writes and reviews a variety of subjects predominantly focusing on food, travel, and lifestyle.
A passionate traveller, Saurabh Nandwani owns down his journeys and relationships with food as he travels the world. His love for food has made him venture into the world of culinary and hospitality with various wings. He is an industry consultant, an ideator, a food reviewer, a content creator, and the list goes on. His zeal to fusion Indian vegetarian food has made a connectable relation with a real huge fan base across social media platforms in a very short period.
Initially travelling the world for passion, to developing the passion for local cuisines and ingredients, he has come a long way in developing international cuisines to suit the taste buds of Indian palettes. "If your content is rich and relatable, your audience is going to love your work", believes Saurabh Nandwani very sternly. He also adds, "It doesn't matter what numbers you display on your social media, what is important is how well your audience resonates with your work, and how practically they can imitate your content in the day to day life."

He has deep insights on the subject because blogs are meant to be the trusted source of information for consumers. He writes and reviews prolifically on the subjects across myriad domains. Starting '' has the idea to share his culinary experiences, interact with like-minded souls and discuss the food behind it.
His blog 'Flirting with Flavours' explores different types of cuisines, lifestyle hacks, and travel as well. He provides tips, suggestions, and ideas of travel diaries, reviews, and so on. He experiments a lot with his dishes before they reach perfection.
Travelling, photography, listening to music, cooking, and exploring food across the globe are his hobbies and he devours books with as much passion as he devours his favorite dishes.
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