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Saveetha Dental College-pride
Saveetha Dental College-pride

Saveetha Dental College-pride of India

ANI | Updated: Jan 07, 2019 17:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 7 (NewsVoir): Saveetha Dental College, Chennai has secured the 7th position in the world for the highest number of publications in a dental institute in the Scopus® International database. With a total of 2257 publications, this is the first time an Indian institution has cracked the top 10 list.
This is indeed a proud moment for dental education in India, because our country is generally not well known as a hub for research and publications. Among the top ten institutions, the biggest contributor of research in dentistry is Harvard with 7000 publications.
It is noteworthy to observe that Harvard has created that many publications over a period of 150 years since its commencement, whereas our Indian counterpart (Saveetha Dental College) has secured 2000+ publications in a brief span of 30 years.
Dr. N.M.Veeraiyan, Chancellor, SIMATS said that this shows that India has great potential to develop as a mainstream research hub in the future. This achievement was only possible because of the constant push, perseverance and consistent hard work of the students and their supervising faculty. Every undergraduate and postgraduate in this institution actively participate in conducting numerous well organised and high quality studies.
Each project designed by the student is met by a scientific review board and proper quality control measures have been put in place to make sure the data is of optimal quality so that we are able to shine on an international platform.
Furthermore, our institution is the only one in India to have 91 randomised controlled trials registered in the Clinical Trial Registry of India which is a globally recognised authoritative body for clinical trials. Another noteworthy feat is the publication of 118 patents in 2018. This shows that our research is focussed not simply on testing but on invention and discovery of new products, formulations and protocols followed by analysing and implementation of our project applications into the real world.
Translation of research is one of the major hallmarks of measuring the success of research. Here too, Saveetha's students shine in patenting, creating products and generating revenue out of their numerous inventions. An erudite combination of a constant push towards research, a staunch academic environment and the cream of students attending this facility has created a fantastic academic platform to enable the brightest minds in the dental field to produce the best outcome which would make the nation proud for years to come. (NewsVoir)