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Sky Wire Broadcast introduces Q9 5G 4K Bonding Encoder
Sky Wire Broadcast introduces Q9 5G 4K Bonding Encoder

Sky Wire Broadcast expands its live streaming services with Mine - Q9 5G 4K Bonding Encoder

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2022 15:36 IST

New Delhi [India], December 2 (ANI/SRV): While enhancing its live streaming services in the broadcast industry, Sky Wire Broadcast has recently introduced Q9 5G 4K Bonding Encoder, collaborating with MiNE Media (4G/5G Bonding Video Solution Provider).
The bonding encoder not only allows us to transmit video content easily, but it also maintains a high-quality HD video experience.
It is the most powerful wireless portable 5G bonding video solution for live coverage in different environments, such as sports events, news stations and conference venues.
High-definition Streaming Encoder
With built-in 5G support, this encoder provides strong connectivity and can cover more live events providing good HD video quality. Ensuring professional and smoothly-run live streaming from anywhere, it combines up to 8 network links at the same time, including 1*5G LTE, 5*4G LTE cellular or Wi-Fi and Ethernet.
This 5-inch touchscreen user-friendly unit has M Live App through which it can be remotely controlled, making your live streaming simple and easy.
Portable Wireless 5G Streaming Encoder
Available at an affordable price, this 5G bonding solution not only allows steady and fast video streaming, but it is also easy to carry around, making live streaming professionals' work simple, hassle-free and at hand. Equipped with state-of-the-art features and technology, this product combines 6 sim cards from any network provider.
With a powerful internal rechargeable battery, it provides up to 2-3 hours of continuous outdoor live streaming. Suitable for encoding video content, this 5G portable wireless 5G 4K Bonding Encoder can help users to create and share live production remotely.
Enhance Your Quality with Mine - Q9 5G 4K Bonding Encoder
With this Q9 5G 4K Bonding Encoder, you can easily enhance your video content quality while engaging your audience. Avnish Singh, Founder & CEO of Sky Wire Broadcast, expressed his views on this recently launched product, saying that with this collaboration, we are introducing an excellent product which substantially elevates the live streaming process for broadcasters.
Key Features

5 Inch Touch Screen
6 Sim/Wi-Fi/Ethernet
M Live App/Web-Page Control
Portable to Carry
Outdoor Work Duration 2-3 hours
Portable Wireless 5G Streaming Encoder, HD live video streaming through RTMP/RTMPS/RTSP/SRT directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
264 (RTMP/RTMPS), H.265(RTSP/SRT), support live stream at 4K/1080P
Simultaneously bond up to 8 networks links including support for 1*5G LTE, 5*4G LTE cellular or Wi-Fi and Ethernet
Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 2-3 hours of continuous streaming.
Since its establishment in 2012, Sky Wire Broadcast Pvt. Ltd. has been providing all types of services and products in the broadcast industry, including regional, national and international. Also, it continues to expand its services in different domains, such as TV stations, schools, colleges and universities.
With a focus to provide broadcast equipment, the company supports its clients with a complete solution and continues to satisfy them with outstanding customer service. Know more about the company here: https://www.skywirebroadcast.com/
For the product details, click here: https://www.skywirebroadcast.com/product-page/mine-q9-5g-4k-bonding-encoder
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