Smart driving assistant, Kruzr launches operations in US and UK

ANI | Updated: Nov 07, 2017 18:45 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Nov. 7 (ANI): Driving assistant mobile app Kruzr on Tuesday announced the launch of its operations in the United States and United Kingdom.

Following the success of their launch in India, the founders have decided to tap these markets considering the immense potential where the per capita adoption of cars is extremely high.

The launch comes after several months of ground research and development to understand and address the requirements of the region.

"The per capita adoption of cars in the United States alone averages close to 800 as opposed to India which is around 167. This large adoption coupled with the heightened awareness of driving safety in these markets provides ample opportunity for a product like Kruzr," said co-founder, Pallav Singh.

"Team Kruzr have also taken into account the high speeds in which cars are driven in the West, increasing the probability of accidents and collateral damage," added Singh.

Conceptualized and designed on the principle of 'safety first' when it comes to driving, Kruzr leverages multiple technologies including pattern recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing when one starts driving.

The app then automatically manages incoming calls and messages to the owner (driver), with the personalized bot interacting and alerting inbound callers that one is driving at the moment and they can instead leave a message for deferred attention.

Kruzr handles all calls and messages with ease and only allows the important one's to filter through.

On receiving an important call, the driver is advised to slow down and park the car to be safe. Important message notifications are buzzed and displayed only when one stops, like at a signal.

In this scenario, reading and replying to important messages becomes totally safe and harmless even during a trip.(ANI)