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Souvik Roy incepted Digihap to foster creativity with digital skills in every major
Souvik Roy incepted Digihap to foster creativity with digital skills in every major

Souvik Roy's Digihap is a one-stop solution to gain digital skills through e-learning

ANI | Updated: Apr 22, 2022 17:43 IST

New Delhi [India], April 22 (ANI/PNN): Essential digital skills are the first step toward learning a variety of new expertise. They can help you gain confidence in using technology for business, school, and everyday life. Today's occupations necessitate a wide range of digital abilities. You'll need them even if the job doesn't need a lot of education or experience. In a future where people can work from anywhere, these abilities let people communicate and cooperate, create and share digital information, and solve problems. Students learn how to think critically, solve issues creatively, and articulate their ideas in appealing ways when you nurture creativity and teach digital skills to all of your students in every major. Students excel in school and in their careers when they have these talents. Digihap, an e-learning platform that offers a variety of courses in the areas of Digital Marketing, entrepreneurship, start-ups, solopreneurship, and finance, was founded by India's leading Digital Marketing Coach Souvik Roy, with the same vision.
Whether you're looking for a new job, starting a business, or growing an existing one, digital skills are unquestionably important. Get the digital skills you need with Digihap's specially designed courses, which include a Personalised Business Coach, 250+ exclusive video tutorials and case studies, Live Sessions with Experts, and efficient Structured Courses Programs. Digital skills for life and course are a good place to start, and Digihap has left no stone unturned with a strong vision to introduce what digital means and how it can change the way people live and work in the digital world, as well as learn the skills and gain the confidence needed in the increasingly digital workplace.
Digihap is on a mission to achieve its digital transformation by playing a leading position in the strategic goal of providing digital education opportunities for all, with the ambition of offering innovative digital education. The ability to access learning in the manner in which you require it is a game-changer in education and Digihap's introduction of e-learning allows for training to be delivered at any time and in any location. As technology becomes a fixture with educator-led instruction, digital learning will permanently change the way we teach by infusing it into education.
Digihap's vision for the future of e-learning includes an unlimited number of virtual classes, bridging the gap for learners who are unable to attend traditional classes, and removing time and geographical barriers, allowing students to enroll in the classes they require for continued development in any industry. Digihap's online courses on Digital Marketing, entrepreneurship, start-ups, solopreneurship, and finance, for example, have enrolled over 20000 students and professionals and have assisted them in starting their digital businesses and generating revenue through the delivery of 50+ sessions in a variety of niches.
No doubt the future of e-learning looks promising and thanks to Digihap and its founder Souvik Roy for making digital skill education more accessible and more individualized to enhance and deepen teaching, learning, and assessment so that the aspirants and students can develop a set of broad transferable skills anywhere they set their foot to.
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