SPORTSADDA makes users understand benefits of renting over owning

ANI | Updated: Jan 22, 2018 11:59 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 22 (ANI-NewsVoir): An international trend is making an entry into the Indian markets. This is the trend of renting equipment and sports gears for special tours, weekend gateways and special occasions, which was anyways very hot in the international markets. Instead of purchasing expensive equipment, people are hiring them on rent and returning once their job is done.

In the recent past, "startups" like SPORTSADDA have heralded a new era in this new and emerging market segment. They have launched their website to cater to activity seekers, fitness freaks, and sporting tool seekers in India.

A big number of people are planning adventure gateways and sporting gateways where heavy and expensive equipment are required. Capturing the moods of the holiday with the help of expensive equipment is also catching up these days. SPORTSADDA can provide necessary equipment to these users on a rental basis.

"Our startup promises adventurous memories with pocket-friendly products. The efforts of this endeavor are well received in the market. Within the first three months of inception, our client-based touched the mark of three digits and revenues crossed the levels of six digits," said Vishwam Singhal, Director, SPORTSADDA.

Consistency of service with quality products is covered in a price-friendly regime. Looking at the competitors, SPORTSADDA has a niche in the market. Most people are searching such equipment for the purpose of hiring and renting.

While bootstrapping on this idea of coming up with rental services, Singhal said "Any business model that is governed by quality, diligence and determination along with the practice of the economy of the scale is always a promising and prospering one. In the terms of our business model, we ensure that our core is governed by these three agendas."

"With such a clear intent, it is our belief that our venture is sailing in the right boat and this is why we see a great road ahead of us where we see ourselves benefitting many people who are need of such equipment and give them a value for money propositions," he added.

No wonder SPORTSADDA is emerging as a trusted name in the market and entertaining "repeat customers" right from the beginning of the endeavor. They are holding a promising future ahead of them. First the culture of renting expensive equipment is catching up in Indian markets and secondly, the "economy" associated with such type of rentals is the unique sales point for them. (ANI-NewsVoir)