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Team Sportyze
Team Sportyze

Sportyze is all set to expand in Delhi NCR

ANI | Updated: Jul 05, 2022 18:19 IST

New Delhi [India] July 5 (ANI/SRV): Fueling the revolutionary idea of creating a Sports Centric Activity Centre, Sportyze has been shaping the personalities of young minds, through their flagship centre in Ghaziabad and online fitness programs, for over 6 years. To ensure the vision transcends and touches the lives of more children, Sportyze is now all set to expand its centres in Delhi NCR in the areas of Noida and Gurgaon.
In today's fast-paced world, with a greater push on robotics and coding classes along with the unavailability of playgrounds, IF increased screen time is pushing your kids to lead a sedentary lifestyle? While they are supposed to be healthy, hearty and energetic?

The call of the hour is to introduce young minds to fitness and sports, which primarily aren't about the competition of winning or losing, but introducing the core essence of holistic development, in-order to make kids future-ready.
At an age of 4 or 5, our children may not be fully ready for full-fledged sports like cricket, football, badminton or hockey, but definitely, they are ready to kick-start their journey of learning through gross-motor-skills development that greatly contributes to their overall physical and mental growth.
Envisioning the idea that revolves around the future of healthier bodies and healthier minds, Sportyze: The Kids Gym believes in strengthening the roots of the early sports education system. Through the effective medium of Sports and Physical Activities, Sportyze offers a blended platform that cultivates resourceful individuals out of a naive children.

Studies show that 1 out of 5 kids in India lacks the fundamentals of movements like agility, balance, coordination and speed which in turn affects their confidence level, brain power, intellectual capability, overall health and immunity. Through basic fundamentals of fitness training and motor skill development, Sportyze is rendering the wisdom that leads children to appreciate fitness and imbibe its principles in their daily life.
With such qualities imbibed within them, kids of age group as young as 4 years, are bound to Arise, Awake, Ascend to greater heights and a greater tomorrow.

Unique Features Include -Talent development report, Time-bound assessment of fundamental movement skills, focus on Child Overall Development (Physical and Mental), Regular Parent's interaction, Child-Centric, Healthy and Safe Environment, NIS qualified and trained Athletic Development and Gymnastics Coaches.
Safety and Hygiene Plays a Vital Part- Security is not only physical but emotional as well. Children's social/emotional development involves the way they feel about themselves, their understanding and ability to regulate emotions and express them appropriately, along with their capacity for building relationships and peer-bonding. These all gradually flourish when kids have a close, supportive and trusting environment that fully contributes to their overall growth with an essence of the feel-good factor added through Play and Sports.
Benefits of Early Sports-Getting a pre-schooler active in youth sporting activities and making them participate in sports relevant to their choice and interest is highly important and extremely recommended for a child's social, emotional, and physical development.
Gross Motor Skill Development-Running, jumping, hopping, and other gross motor skills come from working the large muscles of the body. When kids are outside or inside playing an organized sport, they are developing those all-important gross motor, balance, and coordination skills.
Sense of Learning and Discipline- When 3-year-olds participate in a team sport, they learn how to take turns. This may seem simple, but it isn't to a 3-year-old. Kids also learn how to wait, follow directions from their coach as well as learn rules.
Self-esteem and Confidence Building-For pre-schoolers, being a part of a team is great for self-esteem, which leads to more confidence on and off the field.
"Getting your child involved in physical activities as a pre-schooler offers a lot of physical, social, and emotional pluses. If your child continues in sports, the benefits continue", says Richa Mamgain Pant, Co-Founder of Sportyze. "Sportyze, is a one-stop-shop to an age-appropriate sports activity centre for parents struggling to engage their kids to channelize their energies in an effective and productive manner", she added.
To know more visit: https://www.sportyze.com/
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