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StreamKar: Benefits of live streaming for a business
StreamKar: Benefits of live streaming for a business

StreamKar: Benefits of live streaming for a business

ANI | Updated: Oct 05, 2022 10:17 IST

New Delhi [India], October 5 (ANI/PNN): Live streaming on social media platforms can be a highly effective way for small businesses to expand their presence and reach a wider audience.
For people with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), live streaming is the hack for their business to flourish. StreamKar is an application that can facilitate businesspersons and entrepreneurs.
From the Indian population abroad to the rural pockets of India, StreamKar has gained prominence as a user-friendly application. This Indian-based start-up is envisioned by Common Vision Technologies, Mumbai, and receives investments from the leading U.S.-based Android developers - Tipping Points Technology Limited.
This app caters to all sections of society and its popularity is visible from over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store and mass appeal on the iOS App Store. The app's flexibility and accommodative characteristics reflect in its multilingual diversity featuring English, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil.
Businesses thriving in the online world
In an ever-changing dynamic world, it is imperative for businesses to adapt, adopt, and stay updated with the latest trends. The whole world has shifted from the offline to the online sphere. Although digitalisation was on the charts to unfurl in and around 2023-25, the pandemic accelerated this process. As people could not step out anymore, many brick-and-mortar stores and offline businesses started seeking refuge online. Since their audience could not come to them, these e-Commerce businesses reached the masses.
The many uses of live streaming for businesses
Businesses can draw many benefits from the well of live streaming.
If it is a newly established business, people can use live streaming as an opportunity to display and market their products for their target consumers' better understanding.

Provide the audience with an immersive product experience. Conduct streams on product know-how where the video explains all the facets of how one can use a particular product and the features it is accompanied with. "This can help businesses connect with the audience at a deeper level surpassing the barrier of physical location".
Use the live streaming platform to the fullest for networking. It is during a stream that audiences ask for clarity on products. Businesses can leverage this and give website chatbots a twist by turning the stream into a live question-answer session. This two-sided open street of communication can make consumers feel involved.
Businesses can integrate a live call-to-action into the viewing experience. Businesspersons or entrepreneurs can direct the audience to take an action at the end of the video.
Live streaming is a great tool to engage the masses by creating a sense of urgency and excitement through an interesting sales approach.
On the basis of the information or promotional content offered during the session, companies can stand to gain as more and more viewers tune in to their broadcast. Businesses can opt for a pay-per-view plan or a monthly membership to generate revenue.
E-commerce businesses can post those videos on their official socials so that potential customers can view those posts in case they miss out on the stream.
After a broadcast, businesses can utilise tracking tools and analytics dashboards to monitor key information like viewer counts, engagement, and behaviour on StreamKar.
"Live streaming has levelled the playing field in marketing as not only up-and-coming businesses are subscribing to this method of video broadcast, but even household brand names are opting for this medium." People looking to grow their businesses can take the first step toward live streaming to showcase their versatility and adaptability.
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