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StreamKar: India-based start-up determined to bring rural talent to the spotlight
StreamKar: India-based start-up determined to bring rural talent to the spotlight

StreamKar: India-based start-up determined to bring rural talent to the spotlight

ANI | Updated: Oct 04, 2022 12:28 IST

New Delhi [India], October 4 (ANI/PNN): Technological developments and the penetration of mobile phones and the internet into the rural pockets of India have brought about a wave of social impact. The aftermath of the pandemic has introduced people to the 'new normal' and has accelerated the growth of digitalisation in the field of entertainment, education, and e-commerce. Now everyone, irrespective of their social background, has the means and access to put themselves out there. This is exactly how video live streaming applications like StreamKar are seeing potential in these areas and spotting rural talent.
Its multilingual diversity makes StreamKar click
Envisioned by Common Vision Technologies, Mumbai, StreamKar receives investments from the leading U.S.-based Android developer Tipping Points Technology Limited. This application is a favourite among the desi audience abroad, thanks to its multilingual user-friendly interface. This app is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, and the like. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise when the app garners 50 million-plus downloads on the Google Play Store and accumulates a wide presence on the iOS App Store.
StreamKar - A haven for rural creators
Most streamers who join the bandwagon of live streaming hail from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Uttarakhand. Although the dark clouds of the pandemic-induced lockdown affected businesses and families throughout the length and breadth of the country, it was StreamKar that breathed life into people in the form of live streaming as a passive source of income. It provided less advantaged people with the opportunity to earn and run their households. No wonder StreamKar has a massive turnover of 30,000 streamers a month.

A platform where everyone can participate
An inclusive application like StreamKar has found participation from rural women and men alike, further reducing gender disparity in these areas. This is a place where streamers can be themselves, showcase their talents, and earn rewards. Content creators can live stream, make friends and followers, shine in the spotlight, and win the audience's hearts. Here is a platform where everyone can participate, get the opportunity to present themselves, and where other users appreciate their talents without any judgement or discrimination. It is through highlighting people's talent that the platform empowers people and gives them the voice they deserve.
Unveiling rural talent in a safe space
Most creators worry about broadcasting owing to security and safety concerns. However, once they are on StreamKar, they can bid all their worries goodbye. An app which has robust cyber security and scrutiny, which stands for the rights of the people, one which upholds their integrity and dignity, becomes a safe space for influencers. StreamKar, with its content profanity filters, 24x7 monitoring services, and strict privacy guidelines, manifests the dreams of the rural streamers. They look for a place of security and StreamKar gives them exactly that.
The rural sector continues to be an untapped area where a goldmine of content thrives. Introducing StreamKar to the rural people can help them edge closer to their aspirations and give the video streaming industry undiscovered gems.
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