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Co-founders, Arti Gupta & Kuntal Malia from StyleNook
Co-founders, Arti Gupta & Kuntal Malia from StyleNook

StyleNook makes fashion fun and easy for Indian shoppers!

ANI | Updated: May 11, 2022 15:03 IST

New Delhi [India], May 11 (ANI/SRV): Committed to fabulous clothes and a thorough understanding of consumer behaviour, StyleNook brings in personalisation in fashion for Indian shoppers. StyleNook is the perfect blend of technology and fashion that offers a unique and out-of-the-box approach to finding clothes that you love. With a core ideology that 'Everybody & Every Body' is unique, StyleNook curates styles from thousands of labels to ensure consumers get the styles they love, fit them well and also helps them discover new brands, without endless scrolling and searches.
The fashion industry has seen several changes in the last decade, from the introduction of niche brands to virtual trial rooms. However, despite all these changes, the way consumers buy clothes has remained the same. They spend hours in stores or browsing through 10,000 items online to find something that matches their vibe. Due to this dynamic users face endless browsing, abandoned carts, high returns, and very little discovery. Research shows that the Indian woman browses 60 product pages before making a purchase.. For brands this leads to a surplus, resulting in markdowns, clearances, and finally landfills.
Sharing the brand ideology and objective, Kuntal, Co-founder of StyleNooksaid, "We are building an experience where everything is in your size, your price, and your style by using technology to bring in the human touch of a style expert. Our algorithms are constantly learning about user preferences through detailed style profiles and feedback. When a user visits www.stylenook.in and takes our style quiz, based on the responses our algorithms and in-house stylists pick 10-15 pieces to create ensembles for our client to choose from. The client checks out the pieces and buys pieces she likes and provides feedback to our stylists. AI clubbed with personalization and curation is the Future of Fashion. The concept will not only influence shopping behaviour but will also enhance buying, design, and production and help brands to scale their operations."
The concept of a personal stylist- someone who understands what kind of styles, fabrics and silhouettes work for a user at different life stages is available only at high-end offline stores. With StyleNook, users can avail this expertise faster for less than the price of a cup of coffee and use the service for their everyday needs. Through technology, this concept of personalization is now accessible to everyone. With the application of AI and relevant user data, StyleNook can provide users across the country with the best styles that work for them.

Highlighting the tech orientation, Kuntal the co-founder added, "Our objective is to be the best at recommendations in fashion. At StyleNook, we are deploying augmented Intelligence, where the machine and humans work together to come up with the best result. The algorithms often take care of routine aspects as well as comb through 1000s of options to come up with a curated set for the stylists to pick from and the stylist's actions make the algorithms stronger. The AI-enabled platform allows us to onboard stylists in a remote and freelance capacity, this means they don't need to meet the client since the data supports them in their decision making. It also allows us to employ best in class stylists that are otherwise not available or affordable. Additionally, algorithms are deployed in other aspects other than product recommendations- from understanding what stylist to pair with a user, to product planning, to determine what aspects of a product work well together to influence design decisions."
The COVID-19 pandemic hit the fashion industry hard and brands quickly adapted to the new normal. As we head back to normalcy, the fashion industry is gearing up for a fantastic recovery. An industry that has always been (and still is) built on a foundation of creativity and artistic expression is now adding more science to the mix, embracing technology to an unprecedented degree. One of the key areas that brands are studying is how consumer data can influence design decisions. StyleNook, as a recommendation service, collects an immense amount of data. This aggregated data is shared with brand partners and used to create private labels.
A lot of companies say that they incorporate user data into their designs by talking to users or leveraging sales numbers. However the StyleNook dataset goes beyond this - they are combining user preferences, body shapes, sales data, and rich feedback to understand what designs will be relevant. For example, 63 per cent of the StyleNook users have said they freeze in their office all the time. This insight is something that has been incorporated in the WKWR x StyleNook collaboration the fit-inclusive workwear line for women, that was born out of the creativity and experiences of Ananda Keswani and StyleNook.
To experience a new way to find clothes you love visit - https://stylenook.in/
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