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Sunstone Eduversity announces its advisory board

ANI | Updated: Oct 21, 2021 15:10 IST

New Delhi [India], October 21 (ANI/Mediawire): Sunstone Eduversity has recently announced its advisory board, comprising seasoned educators, industry champions, army personnel, and proficient corporate professionals, who will assist Sunstone with strategic inputs for driving an exceptional education product.
Sunstone's Advisory board has 5 leaders with varied experiences,
- DilipChenoy, Secretary General of FICCI,
- Prof. M.V. Rajeev Gowda, Professor of Economics and Social Sciences & Advisor for Bridge India,
- Lt. Gen Arun Kumar Sahni, Army veteran and currently mentoring ventures in Information security & HR management domains,
- Mohit Thukral, Founder and Managing Partner of Vivtera, Elected NASSCOM Executive Council Member, and
- Anuranjita Kumar, Founder and CEO of the Women in Technology India, previously held leadership roles at RBS &CitiBank.
Addressing its newly constituted advisory board, CEO & Co-founder of Sunstone Eduversity, Ashish Munjal says, "Thankful to all the members for being a part of Sunstone Advisory Board! The expert guidance of the board will push Sunstone into transformative action. Their experience will help us lead & build the best path to success for our students."

What is the direction Sunstone expects from this board?
The board will guide Sunstone in 4 key aspects:
1. Curriculum and Pedagogy
Thought leadership on redefining academic curriculum
Effective teaching & learning methodologies in Sunstone's pedagogy
Student success via Mentorship Program for Sunstone Super 10
2. Strategic Initiatives
Strategic evaluation of new programs and initiatives launched by Sunstone
Avenues to support Sunstone's Global expansion plans
3. Partnerships
Strategic partnership with curriculum and academia partners, university and college partners, industry partners, international immersion, & government initiatives for education
4. Tech-First and Student-Centric Approach
Tech-first solutions to help build a future-ready product
Build Sunstone's values with students at the core of every decision
Sunstone's vision for a brighter tomorrow
Archaic education practices focus on an "input-driven" approach and mostly emphasise infrastructure, the number of courses, the number of faculty members, and other "quantity" specific metrics. However, these are only hygiene elements. What sets the student's experience and learning apart is the curriculum's ability to deliver transformational learning & experience that leads students to success.
In the absence of such "outcome-based" learning methodologies, many talented and ambitious students in India will be left without the opportunity to achieve their true potential.
In 2022, Sunstone plans on scaling the brand across the country by partnering with 60+ campuses and bringing on board 25000+ students. Sunstone has launched its MCA and BBA courses this year along with its online management programs, with much more on the cards for the future.
Sunstone recently raised USD 28 mn in a Series-B funding round that will facilitate the execution of this plan, within the next year. The advisory board will transform the future of higher education with the highly driven mix of professionals at Sunstone Eduversity.
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