Swear by these apps if you are an unplanned traveler

ANI | Updated: Aug 17, 2018 16:35 IST

New Delhi [India], Aug 17 (ANI): Let's face it, there is not a lot of help when it comes spontaneous traveling in the country.
Being impulsive is great, the downside is that you are late for things that need to be booked or tend to before the start of the trip. Luckily there are some apps that come to the rescue when you need a sudden burst of break free in life.
These apps will look after you right from the beginning to the end of the trip like true travel buddies do:
Travelyaari is the go-to app for that last leg of the journey or overnight buses. It operates 150000 buses on 45000 routes per day! With that kind of connectivity, you won't feel lost at all while planning a spontaneous journey. Travelyaari gives out competitive prices on buses so that you don't feel the heat of last minute booking on your wallet. It even boasts exceptional customer service in case if you find yourself in a pickle.
ConfirmTKT is a major online train ticket aggregator which helps a traveler to book railway tickets on the go. ConfirmTKT puts buying the ticket at stations out of the equation and gives the unplanned traveler the edge by confirming IRCTC tickets on a mobile app. It also features the lowest prices in the industry as well as easy cancellations and refund. ConfirmTKT also provides 24*7 support in case of ticket-related mishaps.
If you ever find yourself in a pickle or need to get information about anything you will ever need, JustDial is the app for you. JD call themselves as the only app you are ever going to need as they provide A-Z services like ticket booking, reservations, currency exchange, Healthcare, insurance and it can go on. JustDial at least provides you contact information about the service provider in the case of they not covering the area themselves, which is rare because JustDial helps you with anything and everything!
Imagine you are stuck in your hotel when it's raining out on holiday, or you don't want to leave your hotel room for some reason and still want to taste the tasty local cuisine. Download Zomato offers information and food delivery across 78 cities in India! If you feel like going to the restaurant by yourself, book a table through Zomato and avoid the waiting list completely.
Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is your guide to anywhere, anytime! Period. It is a comprehensive tool for you to download and search the place of your interest. Lonely planet draws out every inch of information you would ever need on your unplanned trip, so much so that you feel like an expert. It offers a general overview of the destination, places of interest, restaurants, bars, experiences and everything you need to make your trip filled with adventure. (ANI)