Telr launches its newest sub-brand, TelrSecure

ANI | Updated: Apr 16, 2018 15:11 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr. 16 (ANI): Telr, the leading online payment solution provider, with operations spanning the Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia and India, on Monday announced the launch of its sub-brand - TelrSecure.

TelrSecure is a collection of antifraud features, designed to keep online merchants secure and their customers safe.

This helps build the buyer behaviour of customers, who buy from more than 100 countries on Telr's online payment platform.

Through the timely exchange of information with Telr partners such as banks and Telr's online merchants, TelrSecure proactively monitors and detects issues before these impact the bottom-line of online merchants.

TelrSecure's 100 percent proprietary antifraud software prevents fraud before it happens, and helps protect merchants' revenue by ensuring that legitimate transactions are not blocked.

This means fewer claims from the online merchant's customers, and an industry-leading transaction success ratio for merchants - and thereby minimises revenue leakage for online merchants.

"Payment gateways in the present age have a critical task in enabling entrepreneurs and small business owners to make the move online. It is paramount that payment solution providers offer robust, fault-proof security features. To the same end, we have launched TelrSecure - TelrSecure allows merchants to augment protection and add their own security mechanisms without conceding on experience," said Sirish Kumar, CEO and co-founder, Telr.

"Our merchants benefit from an additional customisable layer of security and protect their revenue with a higher success ratio of conducted transactions. Being at the forefront of innovation within the payment security space, we are confident that TelrSecure will help businesses scale up online," Kumar added.

In the fast-changing online payment innovation space, Telr offers a set of features enabling businesses to accept and manage online payments via web, mobile, social media, instant messaging and in-store.

Its proprietary full-stack, feature-rich payments solution provides online companies of all sizes with a payments platform that allows them to scale up their online businesses.

The platform further licenses its hosted online payment solutions to large organisations, to reduce their time to market. (ANI)