Tips to guide budding entrepreneurs

ANI | Updated: Dec 24, 2017 18:18 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 24 (ANI): Start-ups have become the next big thing today, with every entrepreneur wanting to do something out of the box.

However, before embarking on the journey, every start-up enthusiast must have thought this through in his head: 'from where do I start my business?'

There are other daunting questions too that are bound to cross the concerned person's mind.

This is where the below mentioned business enablers come in handy. They provide various services in the market to make an entrepreneur business ready and rescue them, when in need.

1. Digital Wallet

To make business transactions easy, digital wallets play a major role in the contemporary society. Digital wallets also ensure protection and convenience.

Today, many digital wallet services, like Paytm, work through apps on any smartphone; easing transactions and protecting entrepreneurs against fraud.

2. Filing of Taxes

Filing of taxes can be a long, hectic process. Moreover, the present scenario also requires all businesses to be GST compliant. This is where start-ups, such as ClearTax, come in handy.

ClearTax provides a robust platform when it comes to filing of returns. ClearTax's startup programme makes the entrepreneur business ready by providing holistic and premium business services, such as covering firm structure, registrations, financing, legal compliance, brand protection, eligibility, and benefits under government schemes.

3. Need Funds?

Every entrepreneur initially relies on his savings to start his/her own business. The savings might be big or small depending upon other external factors. But a company cannot run on a bootstrapped amount for a long period of time.

Today, there are fintech companies which are re-writing the loan segment market. Players, such as Qbera, help entrepreneurs to secure loans from Rs 50,000/- upto Rs 7.5 lakh.

Qbera in partnership with RBL Bank also offers loans to entrepreneurs at lower interest rates with quick disbursement unlike other traditional banks.

4. Business Enablers

All entrepreneurs want their business established at a minimal cost. Platforms, such as Shopmatic, help business owners sell their products and services online.

From developing a unique web store to listing businesses on marketplaces and social media channels, Shopmatic helps business owners manage the full spectrum of what is required for their business to grow.

5. Rented spaces

Are rented spaces working out to be too expensive? The simple answer to this is a co-working space.

Today, co-working spaces such as AWFIS provide flexible office spaces for entrepreneurs. Moreover, since most entrepreneurs look for options which require minimum spending, co-working spaces provides all basic amenities such as internet, boardrooms, cabin spaces, canteen at an affordable rate. (ANI)