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Tune into your bliss with Nokia Earbuds
Tune into your bliss with Nokia Earbuds

Tune into your bliss with Nokia Earbuds

ANI | Updated: Jul 15, 2022 15:26 IST

New Delhi [India], July 15 (ANI/Mediawire): Have you ever had your earphones yanked out of your head in a near-violent jerk when you were right in the middle of an important conversation or an intense workout? You would be baffled for a second or two before realising what caused it. The wires of your earphones looped around your finger or a rail and tugged at you when you moved. Yes, that's a hazard with those spaghetti monsters!
While you are nodding away knowingly, you also realise what a basic necessity wireless earphones have become in our ambitious, multi-tasking lives. Although wireless headphones offer a better alternative to the standard earphones that come with your smartphones, they are not technically wireless either.
The truly wireless earphones are highly convenient because they have made tangled wires completely redundant. Since they have done away with wires for good, there is no question of them being tugged out of your ears. What's more, they are water and sweat-resistant, sit comfortably in your ears and are already deemed one of the fashionable accessories that make you look chic!
The Nokia Go Earbuds+ and the Nokia Comfort Earbuds are the perfect mix of smart, ergonomic design, water resistance, universal Bluetooth compatibility and long playtime. Check out their benefits to understand why they are the perfect accomplices for your devices!
Superb sound balance
The Nokia Comfort earbuds come with 10mm quality tuned drivers while those of Nokia Go Earbuds+ are of 13mm. Wonder what they are supposed to mean? Well, nothing much, just that they are guaranteed to blow your mind! Literally. With a powerful bass performance and perfect sound balancing, they deliver the best quality sound so that you can listen to your favourite tracks whether you are running, commuting or on a soul-searching expedition!

Compact Comfort
With their natural, ergonomic design and unique comfort rings, the Nokia Comfort Earbuds and Nokia Go Earbuds+ sit securely and comfortably in your ears with a soft and lightweight feel and don't drop off the moment you start running. Because of their snug fit, they also reduce background noise automatically. And with their sound-balancing technology, you are guaranteed to enjoy your favourite tracks just as they were meant to be heard.

Water Resistance
Worried that your Nokia Comfort Earbuds will get disgusted after your sweaty session at the gym and stop working for you? Don't be! The Nokia Go Earbuds+ are IPX4 rated while Nokia Comfort Earbuds have IPX5 rating in their kitty! So, rest assured that they can stand sweat, grime, water and even sweltering heat. The buds are your true buddies and buddies don't complain, do they? They make themselves strong and just be there for you!

Amazingly long playtime!
Nokia Go Earbuds+ provide up to 6.5 hours of uninterrupted listening whereas Nokia Comfort Earbuds serve you for up to 9.5 hours of comfortable listening on one charge. Their carrying cases juice them up to a further 19.5 hours worth of additional charge. That is a mind-boggling 26 to 29 hours of pure, uninterrupted listening while you go about with your workouts, playing your favourite podcast or attending that particularly long work call. Imagine how wonderful it would be to plug in a pair of them while you are travelling? They are the best travel companions you can have! They entertain you exclusively all through your journey and are absolutely content to be boxed up once you arrive at your destination. We are not saying anything more!

A touch of simplicity!
You can easily pair Nokia Go Earbuds+ and Nokia Comfort Earbuds with a multitude of devices thanks to their universal Bluetooth compatibility. And from then on, managing your calls and music is as simple as a few feathery touches thanks to their simple but efficient touchpad.
Grab your pair of Nokia Comfort Earbuds and Nokia Go Earbuds+ from https://www.nokia.com or https://dl.flipkart.com/s/M!6xa1NNNN You can also get them at your favourite retail outlet and start living your life tangle-free!
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