V Drive Safe to make Indian roads safer

ANI | Updated: Feb 07, 2018 14:21 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Feb 7 (ANI-NewsVoir): V Drive safe is a road safety initiative working closely with the local transport wing of the Govt. V Drive Safe has been built upon the concept of Startup India and will work with the concept of Skill India for coaches in the traffic management of the city. This unique initiative is to promote road safety and to educate drivers both commercial and the commoner who drive on a daily basis.

With learn drive tech (LDT) method the V Drive Safe focuses on educating people on expertise in the art of responsible driving, the right driving skills are needed to anticipate and prevent road accidents by pro-actively responding to the risk, from the dangerous actions of others or of weather conditions and irregular road structure. V Drive Safe has actively conceptualised some exceptional training curriculum and behavioral program to address the pressing issue.

This Indo - Aussie venture strives for better road safety and different programs for drivers who are indifferent from the gender age caste or religion. To bring about Global methods of educating of learning and driving technique this is accustomed to Indian road requirements and traffic prevailing in India. In extent to this venture which brought engagements like -

(a) Consultation with key stakeholders including key Ministerial appointments as well as members of the National Road Safety Committee, senior officers of Road Policing and workshops with road police at both senior and operational level

(b) Consultation with key stakeholders of the Road Safety Authorities including workshops.

(c) Consultation with road safety champions in Bangalore

(d) Consultation with driver trainers, systems, and methods of drivers being tutored and tested for a current driver's licenses - commercial and public transport, standard vehicles, motorcycles, three-wheelers and other traditional vehicles

Suresh Bafna CEO, V Drive Safe (India), dreams to make driving a pleasure in the crowded cities of India. Look towards the constructive and with the effective learning and secured roads. Suresh opined, "It is high time we bring some sanity on Indian roads, most drivers lack commonsense approach to driving in the process accidents happen, this needs to be addressed on top priority."

According to Craig waters Principal and founder of road safety Educators, Australia "If you teach them a safe process and teach them effectively over the time they will do it very well", he goes on to say, "In my opinion first the trainer needs to be trained to bring a driving culture then automatically accidents will come down."

In the training conducted at the DCP Traffic Office in the presence of Hitendra IPS Additional Commissioner Traffic today in Bengaluru Team V Drive safe touched upon following aspects:

-The reasons for the various road accidents

-How the Road behavior of the drivers needs to be changed

-How proper driving lessons or coaching that can give a better output

-To have a proper curriculum for the driving schools

-Proper education is given to the instructor who teaches driving

-To have stringent license tests for the prospective drivers

-Effects of driving after alcohol and why drink and driving should be avoided

-To implement a 5-star coaching system

-To have a step by step module for the coaching system

-Effective implementation of traffic rules

-Detailed training for the traffic management team. (ANI-NewsVoir)