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Vieroots, the only startup with a whole new way in healthcare

ANI | Updated: Apr 07, 2021 13:41 IST

New Delhi [India], April 7 (ANI/ThePRTree): Vieroots is not a new hospital chain, a new supplement brand, a new e-Pharmacy, or a new chain of diagnostic labs. It is a whole new way of doing healthcare.
Vieroots' core product EPLIMO is a next-generation healthcare solution that is based on the latest advances in geno-metabolic assessment & personalized epigenetic lifestyle modifications that have been found effective in keeping hundreds of lifestyle diseases at bay.
At the same time, it is also a high-performance tool that enables all who wants to take charge of their health to become Superhuman performers. The dream project of renowned wellness evangelist Sajeev Nair, Vieroots is backed by Bollywood superstar, Suniel Shetty.
Consider this scenario. You are in your early 40s and you are a foodie. But your wife is worried about your health. Will the faloodas you relish often make you end up with diabetes? Will the cheeseburgers she prepares for you and the kids start clogging your arteries?
Then you come across this new health-tech startup and its pioneering healthcare innovation, based on geno-metabolic assessment to predict chances for diseases, and which helps in warding off those risks by personalized lifestyle modifications. And you are pleasantly surprised by the results. The geno-metabolic assessment finds that you are not at risk for developing diabetes!
That means you can enjoy your occasional ice-creams and faloodas without the guilt that you are walking into the diabetes epidemic, each time you take them. And that you can enjoy your tea and coffee with sugar for a lifetime. But something in your geno-metabolic assessment catches your wife's attention. You seem to have a high risk for developing atherosclerosis or clogged arteries! Alas, that means she will be making you cheeseburgers less often.
Then you start receiving the detailed Personalized Lifestyle Modifications from this service through its Artificial Intelligence powered mobile app, which is based on your geno-metabolic assessment. There are detailed guidelines for everything - diet, fitness, supplements, meditation, yoga and more. Something catches your eye in these modifications. Your favourite has always been strength training, but your report suggests doing more cardio on a daily basis. And within weeks of starting this program, you feel the tremendous wave of change sweeping across your life.

This might seem straight out of sci-fi. But Vieroots Wellness Solutions is for real, the brainchild of Sajeev Nair, noted wellness evangelist, biohacker, author and healthcare entrepreneur. In fact, it is difficult to imagine that anyone else than Sajeev could have brought this technology to India. This is because very few Indians have had exposure to genetic testing like him more than a decade back, while in the US along with his son Aditya Narayan who now heads Vieroots as its CEO.
Vieroots' core product is the EPLIMO app for iOS and Android devices. EPLIMO stands for Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications, which is the underlying healthcare breakthrough, which is research-based and scientifically validated, since the last decade in the US and elsewhere in the developed world.
Says Sajeev Nair, "There are hundreds of killer lifestyle diseases, and most of them are genetically mediated, but these are triggered only by lifestyle, metabolic or environmental factors. EPLIMO is a unique system that works by detecting these genetic risks for developing specific diseases in a person, and intervening early on by personalized epigenetic lifestyle modifications to keep them at bay."
What exactly is an epigenetic lifestyle modification? Explains Sajeev Nair, "There are simple lifestyle changes that are good, but not powerful enough to keep specific diseases at bay. EPLIMO's lifestyle modifications are highly personalized according to your own genetic & metabolic makeup and risks. Thus, they become much more powerful, or in the language of science, they are epigenetic, that is capable of overriding your genetic risks for developing specific diseases."
EPLIMO also has a unique role in fighting pandemics like Covid-19. Says Aditya Narayan, Co-founder &CEO of Vieroots, "Since lifestyle diseases are the main co-morbidities of pandemics, EPLIMO is highly effective in reducing pandemic complications."
ThusVieroots offers a new ray of real hope in healthcare. It finds itself in a sweet spot for growth and has attracted some early-stage investors including Bollywood superstar, fitness enthusiast & serial entrepreneur, Suniel Shetty. Vieroots is also home to a family of high-performance,research-based herbal supplements, including its uniqueThoughtbiotics range.
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