Vinayak Mali
Vinayak Mali

Vinayak Mali aka Dadus' YouTube Channel is the new address for some heavenly Laughter Rides

ANI | Updated: Mar 11, 2021 13:59 IST

New Delhi [India], March 11 (ANI/ThePRTree): Making someone laugh isn't as easy as it sounds. The ones who have the knack to do it have developed the skill with years of polishing. "A good laugh is a mighty good thing, a rather too scarce a good thing".
Laughter Rides is one such platform that has made it their task to fulfil that scarcity and spread joy and laughter amongst its masses. With Vinayak Mali's Youtube Channel, comedy has seen a new rise in the industry.
Today when maximum comedy content uses cuss and slang languages, YouTuber Vinayak Mali aka Dadus's videos are a perfect example of clean comedy. Creating comedy content without cussing seems very challenging but Vinayak does it effortlessly. His regional comedy channel, Agri-Koli has hit 1.75 million subscribers. With three of his recent videos trending back-to-back on YouTube, it has become an achievement worth praising. Doing justice to the name, these videos are a laughter ride for sure.
Comedy is a genre that attracts and entertains everyone. It certainly is difficult to make someone laugh but Vinayak has the perfect understanding of doing it. Knowing his audience well, he has developed a special bond with all of his viewers. According to them, Laughter Ride's videos call for joyful and light content. Because of his language, simplicity, and clean comedy, his audience feels connected with him.

Vinayak started his YouTube channel at a time when not many Marathi and especially Agri-Koli content creators were in the space. The YouTube channel mainly focused on his audition videos. Destiny having different plans, his auditions for Bollywood films didn't work out. Soon his videos went viral and Vinayak became a superhit in the virtual world.
Despite the success he has attained, Vinayak Mali reciprocates the love of his audience with the same warmth and amazing content. Offering a variety of content, the language he uses has a unique flavour mix of city language and Agri-Koli language.
His most loved Dadus series shows the light-hearted situations of an Agri-Koli common man. His Sheth Manus series is inspired by a few people who he has observed in childhood. A gold-studded man who lives his life in a royal style. Majhi Bayko series shows the adjustments and struggles of married life. Just like that Kantabai and his other creative content shows the various light-hearted and comic characters as well as situations.
Not only his comedy but the music and songs he uses fits apt to the situations. Vinayak creates his content very carefully yet dedicatedly. Knowing his responsibility towards his audience he has decided to keep entertaining them with more creative and varied content.
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