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Welike initiates vision of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan; stay safe and stay connected campaign for Mahakumbh

ANI | Updated: Jan 14, 2019 13:39 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 14 (ANI): The year 2019 has come with the enlighten celebration as it marks the beginning of Ardh Kumbh Mela, 2019 to be held in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.
Kumbh which has been the center of attraction for not only Indian tourists and pilgrims but also for International tourists will be held from 15th January 2019 to 4th March 2019 respectively.
And to make this celebration bigger, Welike the top trending social media app of India has taken the initiative, "Welike At Kumbh" to not only provide the live feeds/content on its online platform but also host camps/activities for the visitors who will be present at the Kumbh.
Welike - Desh ka social media which has already garnered more than 10 Million users has collaborated with the vision of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. The team of Welike will be present on the ground with disposable bags to collect items and later dispose of the material accordingly.
Another initiative, Stay Safe and Stay Connected Campaign will be executed to ensure that people don't get separated from their loved ones and can maintain a tech-sync with the usage of Welike App. As per the last statistics it has been seen that every year nearly 3 lakh people go missing in MAHAKUMBH.
The initiative has been taken to ensure that people stay in connect with their loved ones with the help of special booths settings and navigation map integration so as to help the audiences with the right location and navigation respectively. Special maps will help the visitors track their location and location of their loved ones also. The said campaign has been initiated to promote cleanliness and safety of visitors during the biggest Kumbh of the year.
In addition, Welike will be sharing the water supplies or as we commonly call Pyau Seva for the people who will be there at pilgrim to pay their honor to the fiesta where million have gathered with the faith and to honor their belief. Welike is a "Made in India," social media application inspired from the vision of our PM Narendra Modi's pet project, 'Make in India'.
The app is all set to launch a complete package of social services in line with its CSR where it will be serving safety services, water assistance, map assistance and cleanliness drive to the participating pilgrims. Welike has aligned its efforts with police barricades, and police help centers to ensure smooth execution of its social campaign.
"World knows India as the universe of rich culture filled with colors of diversity. And it's incomplete without mention of Kumbh, one of the World's Most Massive celebration of Oldest Faith. KUMBH marks the significance of its mythological presence in the world, thus attracting millions from India and different nations across the world. KUMBH marks the display of unique INDIAN culture and we always believe that app made for India should proactively disseminate the information related to such important Indian events to every online user who is inquisitive to know and explore the vivid Indian culture and its festivities. The campaign is an amalgamation to the thought of you share your celebration, we care that our people stay connected to their loved ones throughout." quoted by Siddharth Venkatraman, Vice President, Welike.
We like was launched in July 2018 and in no time has won recognition of best Indian social media with more than 10 million users. (ANI)