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WhatsHapp News
WhatsHapp News

WhatsHapp: Your one-stop destination for news around the world from 1st April, 2021

ANI | Updated: Mar 20, 2021 12:24 IST

New Delhi [India], March 20 (ANI/SRV Media): Bharat Metro Digital Service launches an up-to-the-minute and futuristic new application called WhatsHapp News which will be available on iOS and play store from April 1st, 2021.
Predominantly, this trailblazing app is a news aggregator which comes with many interesting facilities such as, provision of work from home for people in the country and around the world, a subsequent platform for viewing short videos, and will very soon be providing chat box features.
This ultra-modern application was initially designed with an aim to ensure that local, national, and international news are shown on the same platform, to set the seal on the consumption of proper and accurate knowledge in an extremely systematic framework.
With the help of new technological advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence, WhatsHapp plans to target news communities within the vicinity of the user.
Bharat Metro Digital Services has always focused on meaningful partnerships and this innovative, as well as a heartfelt venture with Mobclixs, is a testimony of that. The primary tagline 'Educate. Liberate' has come into existence because they want to dedicate this application to all the teachers in India and around the globe.

"WhatsHapp News has been launched for backing the drive of content aggregation & doing worthwhile acquisitions for major A listed e-commerce brands. We created this app with a name that's almost already at the tongue tips of every single user across the world. We take great pride in informing you that the WhatsHapp app is dedicated to all those who help individuals grow as a person. This app is our way of thanking every teacher around the world. They certainly deserve more respect, more love, more support, and more recognition. This app is made for accurate information, convenience, and entertainment. We bring to you, India ka apna WhatsHapp News," said Malik Gilani, Founder and CEO of Bharat Metro Digital Services.

According to the Bharat Metro team, teachers deserve a lot more than just wishes every once a year, because the first act of education and liberation has been taught to humankind by teachers. Therefore, WhatsHapp News app is an application dedicated to all the teachers across the globe or subordinate colleagues, or anyone who works towards bringing the good in mankind.

"WhatsHapp is an exceptionally unique application. It is basically an integrated platform that incorporates local, national, and international news all under one roof. I call this application unique because this is the only app that collects local news from every corner of the town through various sources. This application does not depend on any journalist for news collection. It is a huge platform that collects news and information from reliable and authentic sources," said Dushyant Jani, Founder, and CEO of Mobclixs Technologies.
Their promotional campaigns involve being sponsors of a cricket franchise of a Bihar Cricket Association affiliated with the T20 league called Bihar Cricket League. Their home team is named Angika Avengers.
Cricket is a massive religion in India and that's the best way to accomplish quality users so that they can show lucrative and informative advertisements to people. When that happens the entire marketing budget in the digital ecosystem makes sense when it is shown to the customer what they want via the virtue of news.
Futuristically, they intend to add a short video app feature so that WhatsHapp News becomes a one shop information & entertainment destination on your device. The team's ultimate goal is global domination, and with the amount of devotion and hard work put into making this top-notch application it is for sure that the process will be fruitful.
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