Be a Buddy to Someone! Stay Blessed!
Be a Buddy to Someone! Stay Blessed!

Women in India making a difference globally through Stay Blessed Organization

ANI | Updated: Jul 19, 2021 18:26 IST

New Delhi [India], July 19 (ANI/SRV Media): To benefit mankind and uplift them to a higher level in self-development, Stay Blessed! is a closely curated and carefully prepared concept to foster curiosity, challenge learners, inspire through observation, provide a sense of delight through wonder, and create awareness about important issues.
The Stay Blessed! program is run by local community members and does not endorse commercial, religious, or political goals, but delivers literacy programs to uplift society. It is about wellbeing that the organization is striving to achieve together.
These programs aim to enrich the communities by helping the members achieve their goals and maximize their potential. Programs focusing on Animal Welfare, Interdisciplinary Arts, Biodiversity, Community Harmony, Cybercrime Awareness, Elderly Care, Gender Equality, Health, Women Empowerment, Child Trafficking, Cultural Restoration, Drug Addiction, Education, GANDHIAN Values, Happiness, and many more are organized on a regular basis.
The initiative to 279 cities in India including Bangalore, Bhopal, Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jammu, Kasauli, Kolhapur, Lucknow, Mamanapur, Pune, and Sangli. Furthermore, their presence is in 107 countries around the world with 5.3 lakh buddies in places such as North Carolina (USA), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Port au Prince (Haiti), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Tehran (Iran), Tripoli (Libya), and New York (USA) to name a few.
Manashree, Founder of Stay Blessed World, said, "Inspiring lives and spreading motivation is not our only purpose but to also multiply this concept by elevating the mark of humanity. We each have a responsibility to engage as agents of change. Feminists and social activists before me have done plenty, they are doing plenty, and will continue to do so for a future that will benefit from it. Despite being at the centre of altercations, I wish to continue my work for drug deaddiction, human trafficking, and women empowerment."

Stay Blessed, founded by Manashree, focuses on installing Gross Art Happiness on Earth as a development philosophy for practising humanity and art as a medium for measuring collective happiness on the planet. Through art and humanity, she wishes to create an infinite spectrum of happiness for mankind, to help, to guide them by reminding them of their core values of living.
As a keen observer of situations and people, she pays attention to how people respond to challenges. In her research, Manashree has explored the depth of understanding of user interfaces. The organization's goal in every project is to make the presentation interesting and as casual as possible while making it realistic so that people feel comfortable and create an aura of happy listening.
Additionally, Manashree believes that art is the most creative form of examining the infinite connections between life and evaluating evidence of the glory of the planet and arguments of little emotions. Spearheaded by Manashree, a feminist and peace educator, she wishes to see the world free of domestic and otherwise gender-based violence across the country. To support the organization in this cause, she urges everyone to chip in and help the cause in whatever way possible.
The Stay Blessed program connects communities, organizations, and individuals as well as curating the best content according to the needs of society and people worldwide. The initiative as well as Manashree implore others to 'Be a buddy' to someone and join them in making a difference globally.
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