Women to be `force to reckon with' in Asian Economies in this Decade: Topline Consulting

ANI | Updated: Dec 01, 2018 17:39 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 30 (NewsVoir): Topline Consulting, the insight-driven strategic communications consulting firm, in its 1st Annual Forum ?Empower Women Creations' deliberated on the contribution of women force in the rise of Asian economies in the coming decade.
The panellists reconfirmed the fact as stated by a McKinsey report citing that advancing women's equal participation in the Asia Pacific could add $4.5 trillion to the collective annual GDP by 2025, an increase by 12%. As avenues for entrepreneurship, leadership and learning open up, a higher percentage of women will participate in the mainstream economy.
The power packed panel comprised of the renowned artist and scenographer Padma Bhushan, Shri Rajeev Sethi as the Keynote Speaker. Among the panellists were Dr. Mallika Sarabhai - Padma Bhushan, Classical Dancer and Actress, Ms. Preeti Shroff - Dean MICA, Mr. Jianguo LIANG, internationally rewarded Interior Designer, Ms. Tao JIANG, Internationally Awarded Designer, Ms. Sha WANG, Executive Director, ADCC Life Art Academy, Mr. Nitesh Mohanty, Designer and Ms. Neena Parikh, Director - Uniglobe Perfect Connections. Leading the session was Ms. Yan HAN, chairperson, International Business, Topline Group. Notably, the session had the presence of Dr. Prof. Qingsheng ZHU, President of International Association of Art History (CIHA). He is regarded as an art historian, critic and artist and is also Head of the ?Chinese Modern Art Archive?.
Topline Consulting brought together this event with the Chinese Artist delegation travelling to India for an International Colloquium organised by Comite International d'Histoire de l'Art (CIHA). The session deliberated on advancing women's equality, parity in resources in the countries of Asia and its impact on the economy citing their personal insights.
Yan Han, Chairperson Topline Group said, "Topline Consulting provides a platform to voice and discuss flourishing concepts created by Asian women. It shall give an opportunity to acknowledge and be inspired by their work and further empower their contributions. We understand the criticality of women being the influencers of the current times from a socio-economic-cultural perspective."
Padma Bhushan, Shri Rajeev Sethi, said, "The civilizations and ancient values of our Asian continent has kept women at the centre of creative action. They have always given unrecognised but high value to any enterprise and development. By nature women remain silently empowered, influencing balanced and constructive action. Today we are discussing the pivotal role of women in socio-economic-cultural industries in creative economies."
Representing the Chinese delegation Mr. Jianguo LIANG, global Interior Designer, mentioned, "A lot of inspiration in our work is derived from women. Their overpowering presence has led society to flourish through history and we can visualise their role in the coming decade. There?s going to be a huge contribution to the growth and prosperity with more avenues towards education, skill development, entrepreneurship and wealth creation."
Padma Bhushan, Dr. Mallika Sarabhai commented on the contradictions and dichotomy in the treatment of women in India and in their acceptance in leadership roles. "While a female Prime Minister is accepted without problem, the lower down the ladder one goes, the greater the issues of men accepting women leaders or bosses."
This is the first, in a series of the Annual events under the theme 'Empower' that Topline Consulting - India, will come up with. (NewsVoir)