World records are not only made in  OLYMPICS, but in healthcare/ Joint replacements too
World records are not only made in OLYMPICS, but in healthcare/ Joint replacements too

World records are not only made in OLYMPICS, but in healthcare/ Joint replacements too

ANI | Updated: Oct 08, 2021 18:31 IST

New Delhi, [India], October 8, (ANI/Mediawire): "THE TRUST AND FAITH IN PATIENTS TO SET ALLEVIATE THEIR PAIN AND MOTIVATION CAN HELP CREATE EXCEPTIONAL MILESTONES' says Dr Manuj Wadhwa Chairman & Executive Director at ELITE Institutes of Orthopaedics & Joint Replacements, Chandigarh who having done 477 JOINT REPLACEMENTS in September 2021, has crossed his own Global Milestone of "Highest Number of Joint Replacements in a Month- Single Surgeon Series" and created a new benchmark.
Striving every day to be better than we were yesterday, the more you dedicate yourself to the society, more will be the motivation for you to walk that extra mile and establish new milestones.
With the changing lifestyle and eating habits, the rate at which cases of osteoarthritis are getting reported has increased multifold. During the initial stages, doctors prefer to minimize the pain and increase patients' mobility with medications and physiotherapy. The moment these therapy options fail to deliver, joint replacement surgery is the best option available with maximum effectiveness on offer.
Joint Replacement surgery, also known as Arthroplasty is where the expertise of Dr Manuj Wadhwa lies in . Within the last 20 years, he has already done more than 45,000 Joint Replacements till now. Limca Book of World Records and Dr Manuj Wadhwa has an abiding relationship for many years. Many records like performing a maximum number of joint replacements in a week, in a month, in a year, and in the least time have been associated with his name since 2014 and re-created by him. Recently in the month of September 2021, when all of us are still in the process of gathering ourselves back to the normal position with a bit of relaxation from COVID-19, Dr Wadhwa has set a new record of completing 477 joint replacement surgeries in a month.
When asked about his experience of undergoing Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery from Dr Wadhwa, a recently operated on patient Balwinder Singh (75 years of age) said: "After seeing the uncertainty created by COVID-19 since 2019, I had a lot of doubts for undergoing surgery in a hospital considering possible encounter with an infection and also my probable day to day life after undergoing knee replacement surgery. But Dr Wadhwa addressed all of my doubts and gave me the confidence to go ahead. Right now after 1 month of my surgery, I'm almost able to walk without any pain and support."

For the benchmark of 477 joint replacement surgeries in the month of September 2021, Dr Wadhwa operated on patients of ages ranging from 18 years to 101 years. The therapies offered during the said timeframe were partial as well as total knee replacement, hip replacement and revision surgeries for knee and hip joints. Amongst all orthopaedic procedures, joint replacement is one of the prominent ones in current times. Dr Wadhwa didn't shy away from showing an urge of establishing furthermore milestones and breaking his own records.
In his address to people, Dr Wadhwa said: "The number of patients facing difficulties talk because of arthritis is increasing day by day. With clear mandate and guidelines, we try to choose the best possible therapy options as per the current diagnosis of patients. Joint replacement surgery is the last resort to alleviate pain has shown very promising results over decades. Almost 99% of my patients till now were able to get their mobility back and are reliving the dreams they once though were impossible to achieve. Talking of newer cutting edge technologies our patented FIFO (fast in fast out) Technique with Natural Knee Resurfacing (NKR) is an active Knee Solution created for active arthritis patients seeking options beyond the traditional total knee and hip replacement. This advanced technology aims to provide more normal motion and higher performance through the natural preservation of bone and soft tissues.
Currently, we have all the advanced therapy options available at the hospital and our aim is to ensure long-lasting support to the needs of patients."
We feel empowered by this to carry on giving our best services to our patients and helping them regain their lost mobility!!!
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