YourQuote announces launch of innovative mobile-first video platform

ANI | Updated: Feb 22, 2018 13:34 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 22 (ANI): A picture, it is said, can speak a thousand words, but only a video can tell stories that can span cultures and geographical boundaries. As a medium, videos transcend the barriers of language and literacy to provide a platform for self-expression to the masses.

It is this unique proposition that YourQuote, India's fastest growing original user-generated content and digital community platform, is looking to enable for its users with the launch of a dedicated video platform on its mobile app.

With the launch, Indians from across the socio-economic spectrum can share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions with YourQuote's growing social community through easily created mobile video content, in addition sharing to text-based content.

What makes the latest feature launch from YourQuote such a ground-breaking development is that it further democratises content generation and consumption by going beyond the exclusivity associated with text-based content. The addition of mobile videos to the YourQuote platform will allow even those users who are not well-versed with the written word to consume as well as generate content, thus taking the brand promise of uninhibited self-expression to another level. It envisions tapping into the recent data disruption created by Reliance Jio to become the go-to medium of self-expression for the vast vernacular consumer base in India.

"Everyone has a story to tell, to share, and we believe there is no better or easier medium to do that than videos. The format is inherently interactive, engaging, and accessible, and appeals to even those users who are not fully comfortable with text-based content. We wanted to democratise self-expression even further, which is exactly why we have launched our mobile video platform," said co-founder and CEO YourQuote, Harsh Snehanshu.

YourQuote's mobile-first approach differentiates it from other content platforms. Its mobile app, which is available both on Google Play and Apple App Store, allows users to choose their preferred medium of expression through two options, 'Write' and 'Perform'. To create a mobile video, all YourQuote users have to do is select perform and start recording.

YourQuote also has multiple fun filters such as mic and stage to digitally recreate the exact feel of actually performing in front of a crowd. Moreover, with its inherently social approach, YourQuote allows even amateur talent to get discovered and appreciated - something which other video content platforms fail to replicate.

"We wanted to tap into this mobile-led disruption and have invested heavily into developing the tech framework for our mobile video platform. We are confident that the accessibility, customisation, and engagement that we offer will allow our users to share their videos with YourQuote's massive viewer base, conveniently and without any hassles," said co-founder and CTO, YourQuote's, Ashish Singh.

Currently conducting events across nearly 30 cities on a monthly basis, YourQuote has organised over 2,000 performances till date, which have been attended by more than 5,000 community members. YourQuote is aiming to build on the traction received for video content from these events with the launch of its mobile video platform.

"Having witnessed the proof of concept of the video set-up at our open mic events, we wanted to make video performances easy and accessible across India, especially in the less explored tier II and tier III cities. The launch of our mobile video platform gives YourQuote users from these regions a pan-India stage to be seen and heard on," added Harsh.

YourQuote currently has more than 600,000 users across India and has 65,000 daily active users. Its users have made more than 6.5 million posts thus far, while over 2,000 videos have already been posted within a week of the launch of the YourQuote mobile video platform. With the Indian language user market expected to grow from the current 200 million users to 500 million+ users by 2021, YourQuote is aiming to build on this impressive reception and ride the growth wave to become a forerunner amongst self-expression platforms in India. (ANI)