Zendesk unveils products to help enterprises build better customer relationships

ANI | Updated: Oct 25, 2017 17:44 IST

San Francisco [U.S.A], Oct. 25 (ANI-NewsVoir): Zendesk redefines customers relationships, creating beautifully simple software for more than 107,000 customers.

For 10 years, its focus has been on connecting companies and customers in better ways. Now Zendesk is expanding enterprise and machine learning capabilities with new product offerings: Talk Enterprise, Chat Enterprise and Answer Bot.

This week at Relate Live, a customer relationship event, Zendesk is celebrating the launch of new enterprise solutions and AI powered self-service. These products are already supporting a variety of enterprise customers.

More than 35 percent of Zendesk's Support revenue base now comes from enterprise customers.

Zendesk offers enterprise-ready solutions to help manage customer relationships at scale, quickly and seamlessly, achieving rapid and visible improvement in customer satisfaction. It easily flexes and integrates to meet custom requirements when needed.

According to a 2017 Forrester study commissioned by Zendesk, participating customers in the study observed the following results: customers that switch to Zendesk see a 390 percent ROI; a payback period of just 2.9 months; and three year cost savings of over 52 percent on license and maintenance costs.

"We deployed Zendesk and were taking tickets in about an hour," said Dustin Swayne, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, State of Tennessee.

"Within the first week we were driving value for our organization, and the reporting gave us the insights we needed to learn, optimize our processes and drive huge improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. Our use has evolved over time, and now using Zendesk as our omnichannel solution, we have saved USD 250k in the cost of maintaining our old legacy systems alone," added Swayne.

Consumer expectations are higher than ever and the definition of "good" service has changed drastically. Customers have placed an increased value on independently solving problems, and the statistics support it.

From 2014 to this year, Zendesk has seen more customers seek out self-service, with views of its self-service articles growing by 32x in that time. This trend has led businesses to increase their use of advanced self-help options, including AI technology like Answer Bot.

But stellar customer service means providing support in any way the customer needs it. That means sometimes self-service isn't enough -- complex or urgent questions are best answered by phone, and multitasking customers would rather get instant help through live chat.

"We were able to start using Zendesk in the early days of Box with 15 users in a matter of weeks and were also able to grow with Zendesk over the last seven years to add new channels, leverage new functionality and grow to hundreds of agents," said Tim Smith, Vice President at Box.

"We continue to partner with Zendesk on an ambitious set of customer service initiatives that will take advantage of their latest capabilities," he added.

Zendesk continues to heavily invest and improve its talk and chat products, helping organizations of any scale meet customer expectations for seamless support across multiple channels. The new enterprise offerings for talk and chat provide the powerful tools and services larger organizations need to adapt quickly and communicate easily and reliably with customers on any channel.

"Companies are under tremendous pressure to provide differentiated support to drive customer growth and retention," said Adrian McDermott, President of Products at Zendesk.

"Enterprises don't have time for months of integrating, so Zendesk created a complete solution to allow immediate results, empowering agents around the world to reach expectations of the modern customer," added McDermott.

Zendesk offers powerful solutions that are simple to use, implement and scale, allowing businesses to focus on what really matters: their customers.

Chat Enterprise, Talk Enterprise and Answer Bot ensure that technology and people are always connected, so conversations are seamless, agents are more productive and information can easily be shared across your company. (ANI-NewsVoir)