Zoomcar integrates Truecaller's mobile identity solution

ANI | Updated: Mar 14, 2018 13:29 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar. 14 (ANI): Self-drive mobility platform Zoomcar entered into a partnership with Truecaller to integrate the latter's mobile identity solution, Truecaller SDK (Software Developer Kit) in the consumer app.

Through this, Zoomcar aims to simplify the user on boarding experience and strengthen the customer identity verification process.

The integration with Truecaller SDK enables Zoomcar users to instantly sign-up or log in with their Truecaller mobile number-based identities in a simple and quick manner, and in the process, completely by-pass the SMS-based one time password (OTP) process.

The current verification process, which already includes validation through Aadhaar, driving license, or PAN card will become even stronger with the addition of Truecaller's mobile identity verification.

"Zoomcar is excited to partner with Truecaller to offer a secure, seamless solution for customers to join the Zoomcar platform. As a company, we've always prioritised the safety and security of our customers and this integration helps ensure this remains firmly in place as we scale," said Zoomcar CEO and co-founder, Greg Moran.

"Our mobile identity platform is perfectly suited to a key service like Zoomcar which has been built for the digital users seeking frictionless, personalized and trust-based experience. We are confident that Truecaller SDK toolkit will help Zoomcar customers achieve a more seamless experience," added Truecaller Director and Head, Global Developer and Startup Relations, Priyam Bose.

Truecaller SDK, as part of Truecaller mobile identity platform is a toolkit for digital startups, app developers, and other online businesses. It is designed to minimise complexity in user on-boarding and verification process, and therefore helps businesses build more trust on their products and platforms, offer more personalisation and enables further evolution of the quality of users being served by them. (ANI)