Call for immediate, next-door assistance in case of emergency, with ADDA GateKeeper's 'Panic Alert' feature

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar 23 (ANI): Keeping pace with the recent rise in crime rates inside Apartment Complexes, ADDA GateKeeper announces the launch of its "Panic Alert' feature. ADDA GateKeeper a security management software for Apartment Complexes. Unlike most panic alert or SOS features that comes inbuilt in various phones, this 'Panic Alert' guarantees swift emergency assistance from the people who are the nearest, neighbors and Security Guards, to any Apartment Resident in a panic situation, while at home or anywhere inside the premises of their Apartment Complex. Though all complexes have security guards and many neighbors, reaching out to them during time of distress is mostly difficult. Through this emergency button in the app, neighbours living in the same apartment complex building, few emergency contacts and most importantly the Security Guards, are immediately notified; who can run to the assistance of the resident. The notification sent to the security guards automatically includes the flat number, where help is required. The security guard is also provided a way to quickly call the resident in need of help, so that the guard can confirm the location (the resident might be in need of help while in gym or play area too) before running for help. Though inside the gates of an Apartment complex, there can be several occasions where residents need immediate help. It may be when any resident happens to witness a burglary inside their Apartment or at a neighbor's, notices a snake inside the complex or they might also experience medical emergencies while at home. "Emergency situations can never be predicted, and at that time, inside an apartment complex, the people who can immediately rush to one's help is not the police, but the neighbours and security guards. Having all residents, security guards, RWAs/Society Office members on a single platform, ADDA GateKeeper, enables us to connect all stakeholders, and help build a more secure community," said CEO ADDAGateKeeper, San Banerjee. "While deploying this solution, we make sure that Security Guards are well equipped with contacts of all important personnel, ranging from police, nearby hospitals or ambulance, so that they can reach the emergency scene immediately and also call for external help if required," added San. Through use of ADDA GateKeeper, apartment residents also receive real time notifications on all visitors coming to their apartment. This lessens the worry of working couples with elderly parents and/or kids at home. The Security Guards use the ADDA GateKeeper App on Android based tablets to enter contact details of all visitors and staff to an apartment complex. Many crimes inside Apartment Complexes are committed by staff who are either blacklisted or are no longer working in the complex. Such staff sometimes manage to enter the complex, showing physical staff Id cards, which remain with them and commit misdeeds. ADDA GateKeeper helps in stopping such miscreants from entering. In the recent past, there has also been occasions when visitors to Apartment Complexes has entered by telling the Security Guards that they are residents, and has been cause of unpleasant circumstances inside apartment complexes. This app also helps in curbing such instances. "We are using ADDA GateKeeper to track, validate and authenticate residents and visitors access in agile and efficient way. We have initiated the process to make every entry and exit tracked through the tool," said president of Estancia a 600 unit Apartment complex in Chennai, Bhadri. 300,000+ visitors have been managed through ADDA GateKeeper. ADDA GateKeeper is another product from ApartmentADDA, a software used by four lakh+ apartment residents in 15,000 apartment complexes across 80 Indian cities. This Bangalore based SaaS company has a revenue of nearly one Million USD. (ANI)