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ANI | Updated: Jan 12, 2021 16:38 IST

New Delhi [India], January 12 (ANI/SRV Media): With the fast and wide spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the travel and tourism industry has seen a marked change. This change is mainly seen in lodging and boarding choices of the guests and the caution they exercise while choosing a hotel or a resort. Sanitization, control of infection and the ability to manage and handle emergency situations has come to be of utmost importance.
Hotels and resorts are not only used for vacations but also for business and official purposes. This makes hygiene all the more vital. Proper sanitization, clean environment and a safe stay can be ensured only through proper accreditation of these stay facilities. Conformity Accreditation Management System (CAMS) is one of the agencies that accredits hotels and resorts across India.
In the hospitality industry, accreditation involves taking into consideration several factors. Evaluations are carried out while keeping the comfort of the guests at the centre of focus. The safety of the stay and the competency of providing hygienic service are evaluated by a 3rd party accreditation agency that adheres to international quality standards. The accreditation of a hospitality unit means that the organisation possesses the infrastructural competence to meet the quality standard and provides good service to its guests.
"We are India's first accreditation agency that deals with Hotels and Resorts only. We not only aim to elevate the standards of hospitality in India but also to bring all units at par with international standards. Our mission is to stand out as a trusted accreditation board with which quality is guaranteed," said Dr Sambhu Chakraborty, MD, CAMS.
There is a separate need and demand for accreditation of the hospitality units as general star rating and ISO 9000 quality system standards are not sufficient in conveying the quality standards in all aspects of service and hospitality. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has published the quality standard for hotels as ISO 22483:2020 emphasising on the need for quality requirements of hotels and resorts. The accreditation creates a benchmark that serves as a yardstick to compare the services of all hospitality organizations.
Hospitality accreditation gives the customer confidence about the services of the hotel. It also boosts the employees' confidence regarding their services as they are recognized and match international standards. Other outcomes include improved business focus, increased industry leadership, greater sense of pride, higher standards of operational efficiencies and hence better customer service.
Accreditation is a vital asset to the tourism industry that is designed to establish and continually improve quality and industry standards for conducting tourism business. Accreditation also encourages business to plan how their business will function and check that customer expectations are met.
Hotels and resorts need to maintain the necessary infrastructure and documentation as evidence that they are upholding the standards denoted by ISO 22483 the accreditation agency. The organisations carry out a first-level self-assessment and when they are ready for assessment, they can submit their application to the Conformity Accreditation Management System (CAMS) for their assessment.
A team of competent assessors visit the hotel facility and assess the facility as per the quality requirement of ISO 22483 and CAMS requirement for accreditation. Based on the findings, they recommend the Hotel for Accreditation and their report is reviewed by the Accreditation Committee of Accreditation Board and the accreditation is granted or denied accordingly.
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