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Cancer survivor becomes pregnant at Orion IVF

ANI | Updated: Mar 05, 2021 13:41 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], March 5 (ANI/SRV Media): Orion IVF, a medical facility in Pune, helps with assisted reproduction and sets a couple on the path of parenthood.
Having a child is something that almost every couple dreams of at some point in time but not everyone is able to realise this dream. Owing to a hectic schedule, lifestyle and medical issues, infertility has been on the rise in recent times. Recently, Orion IVF was approached by a 26 year old female who had battled ovarian cancer that had affected her germ cells.
At the age of 17, both her ovaries were removed and it was followed by rigorous chemotherapy. Owing to this, and her gynaecological, menstrual and hormonal issues, she was apprehensive about her marital life. The major concerns were the impossibility of a natural pregnancy and sexual problems due to dryness of vagina.
Under the guidance of Dr Parag Hitnalikar, Director of Orion IVF, the woman and her prospective husband underwent counselling and got married. With the prescribed medicine and hormone replacement therapy, the sexual issues started improving and the couple led a good marital life.
A year later, they revisited Orion IVF for fertility treatment as they were looking forward to becoming parents. The lack of normal development of uterus and endometrial lining and egg production by the body, were major hurdles. With the course of treatment the endometrium was made capable of carrying out the pregnancy. Following this, the donor oocytes were transferred and the woman conceived in the very first attempt.

"At Orion IVF, we understand that infertility can be stressful and time-consuming for the couple. We aim to make the procedures less cumbersome and use technology and methods that minimise stress, time as well as side-effects. Our team has an experience of over a decade and our line of treatment is arrived upon only after having gained a complete medical history of the couple. This is the reason why we have one of the best success rates in IVF treatments. Seeing the joy on the faces of the to-be parents is our real fee and it is what keeps us going," said Dr Parag Hitnalikar, Director, Orion IVF.
Dr Parag Hitnalikar, a reputed IVF consultant and fertility expert, has been working in the IVF field since 2009. Having successfully worked at some of the top corporate hospitals of Pune, he started Orion IVF in 2015. He has undertaken various publications, paper presentations and has attended conferences in the field. Till date, he has worked on more than 5000 cases of IVF and ICSI wherein he has personally evaluated every case. Through all his testimonials, his positive approach and expert diagnosis are highlighted as the reason for his success.
At Orion IVF, the team is of staunch belief that treating infertility requires a full-circle approach. The IVF specialists and staff of the hospital in Pune are a dedicated team of professionals who are driven to help curb infertility. Their team includes IVF Consultants, leading gynaecologists, expert embryologist and assistant embryologists. They are well equipped to handle high risk pregnancies and are experts with laboratory procedures. The team is highly efficient and takes care of the foetus and the mother from conception till the delivery and also guide the couple about post-maternity care.
Blending a visionary approach to personalizing fertility care with the most advanced assisted reproductive technologies, the medical facility has assisted 7,500 IVF cycles and enjoys a handsome success rate of 78 per cent. A supportive and knowledgeable team, complemented with a state-of-the-art facility and cutting-edge infrastructure, is the driving force of the IVF hospital's infrastructure.
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