Capillary Technologies launches WeChat CRM in China

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr. 6 (ANI): Capillary Technologies, the leader in cloud-based OmniChannel Engagement and Commerce solutions announced the launch of WeChat CRM in China, which is fully integrated with offline retail, as the Chinese retail market is touted to be far ahead of most global retail markets. Capillary's We-CRM is a Social CRM System integrated wholly with WeChat. It is a tool to attract followers to brands, and convert them into high-loyal members. With the help of WeChat CRM, brands can acquire new customers, create intuitive menus for engaging customers, generate coupons via WeChat, send personalised messages, communicate based on their behavioral and purchase patterns, make announcements, and much more. "Chinese retail segment is perceived as one of the most forward and progressive e-Commerce markets and the 2016-17 numbers show that China has tipped to become the largest online retail market in the world, overtaking the US. Also, social commerce and mobile payments-wise, China is way ahead of even the US - with Alipay, and WeChat Pay, becoming almost mainstream forms of payment. However, SMS and Email are almost obsolete in China. So, WeChat is undoubtedly the most important medium for a brand to talk to consumers in China, " said Aneesh Reddy, CEO and Co-founder, Capillary technologies Since mid-2015, Capillary's customer base in China has grown rapidly. Customers span across apparel, accessories, traditional Chinese medicine and infant products retailers. The company's customer base is a mix of Global/MNC Retailers, as well as local Chinese retailers. Capillary recently signed up with GXG, which is a leading local Chinese retailer with over 2,000 stores, and large online businesses. It is assisting them to run their entire ECRM (Online CRM), aggregating data across leading Chinese ecommerce marketplaces. GXG has multiple sub-brands and each brand is present across multiple online marketplaces. In addition to GXG, Capillary Technologies is also associated with various international and local Chinese brands. (ANI)