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'Caring and Curing since 1994'
'Caring and Curing since 1994'

Caring and curing since 1994 - Lifecare Neuro Products Ltd.

ANI | Updated: Mar 05, 2021 14:02 IST

New Delhi [India], March 5 (ANI/SRV Media): Lifecare Neuro Products Limited is a renowned and registered Indian Pharma Company that is engaged in the manufacturing, export and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations.
The company has been marking its journey of excellence for its quality and range of products. Lifecare is majorly recognized for the Neuro, Psychiatric and Cardio - Diabetic medicine segments in which it specializes.
Lifecare started its immaculate journey in 1994 and had a very modest beginning. The founder and visionary, Yogendra Somdutt Chopra, has an experience of over 40 years in the Pharma Industry. He established 'Lifecare Neuro', a company that would manufacture quality medicines similar to those made by the best global pharma companies, and make them accessible to small and big B2B customers across the globe with the main intention of caring for life.
After a remarkable expedition of 25 years, Lifecare Neuro has finally launched DailyTab Gold. DailyTab Gold is a doctor-formulated blend containing 27 premium constituents that are clinically tested and boost immunity and health like a pro. The Immuno - booster is packed with one of the most powerful antioxidants known to mankind. It was awarded "Upcoming Brand of the Year by CIMS Medica" and fulfils most of our day-to-day requirements of the body.
"In conformity to the larger aim of a vibrant Pharma industry, we believe that the essence of business is to create customer satisfaction through quality products and business ethics, and growth of the organisation naturally follows with this style of functioning. Today, Lifecare is one of the most promising Pharma organisations in India for third party/contract manufacturing and franchise partnering. Lifecare has a rich and varied product range in tablets and capsules, including Neuro and psychiatric formulations in which it specialises. We welcome you to contact us for your pharmaceutical sourcing requirements, whether to know more about our product range or to offer your suggestions as to how we can best serve you," said Yogendra Chopra, Chairman of Lifecare Neuro.

The pharma company's commitment is to bring the most effective and powerful ingredients from all around the world in the form of a convenient nutrition tablet at an extremely affordable price. Thus, encouraging everyone to live a healthier and better lifestyle. The company promises to continue to work dedicatedly towards their commitment and aims to "Nurture a better you".
Lifecare Neuro has been around for a long period in the nutrition and manufacturing sphere, and to make this possible, extensive research and clinical trials were done. Furthermore, detailed attention was given to quality resources to create a highly effective multivitamin blend and mass produce it to increase accessibility.
DailyTab Gold is a unique immunity supporting blend with premium Natural Astaxanthin. It is 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C and also boosts immunity. Its ingredients include cranberry extract, apple cider vinegar, curcumin, Boswellia Serrata extract, cinnamon, clove extract, liquorice herb extract, green tea extract along other vital vitamins. Not only are they packed with natural goodies but are also gluten-free and vegan which maximises the health benefits.
Lifecare's manufacturing unit is WHO-GMP certified, uses modern technology, and equipped with contemporary machines and instruments. The company have been recognised for their exceptional contribution to the pharma industry. The experts at Lifecare Neuro have received a lot of love from their customers and are certified by the topmost establishments in the country.
The Lifecare team believes in weaving the business ethics in all their endeavours and continually updating and upgrading to deliver a uniform quality that surpasses industry benchmarks. Lifecare envisions that the company will always strive to be conducive to creating a healthier world by making accessible innovative and quality products. Lifecare Neuro is a fast expanding Pharma organization with over 500 plus registered brands and is steadily working to make a presence across the globe.
To know more visit: https://www.lifecareneuro.com/ and https://www.dailytab.in/
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