Question banks launched for 2022 exams; how to kickstart your studies?
Question banks launched for 2022 exams; how to kickstart your studies?

[CBSE 2021-22 New Academic Session] Big update! Question banks launched! How to kickstart your preparations?

ANI | Updated: Jun 04, 2021 09:38 IST

New Delhi [India], June 4 (ANI/Oswaal Books): If you are preparing for your CBSE 2021-22 examinations from now on, chances are that you are already aware of the incredibly helpful and well thought-of move by Oswaal Books of launching the CBSE Question Banks for the Academic Session of 2021-22. It is really a boon for the students who want to get a head start and start studying early with all the necessary resources and tools they need to secure a commendable rank and percentage.
With examinations like CBSE boards, the trick is to start early, stay committed and study smart. Another thing that doesn't get talked about often is the quality of study and reference materials. What you study, how you study and more importantly how often you study is what matters. The greatest trick in the book of Board Examination Success is to solve as many sample papers and question banks as you can get your hands on, and solving each paper at least twice so you get the hang of it. Also, doing it in the early stages of preparation gives you a different level of confidence, that is really important to have, when preparing for the first school-level examination that is conducted on a national scale.
How do students benefit from Solving CBSE 2021-22 Question Banks for Class 10 & 12
Now the rookie mistake that a lot of students make is that they keep studying and absorbing knowledge without the thought of testing out their preparation or their applicability ever crossing their mind. This backfires majorly when the real-time examination starts and the anxiety turns palpable. To avoid that and to ensure that you are ready for your CBSE 2021-22 examination, you need to solve as many question papers as possible. Here are a few ways in which solving Oswaal Books' CBSE 2021-22 Question Bank for Class 10 & 12 can benefit you:
1. Know the paper - The key to acing your board examination is to know what the examination entails and what to expect when you are handed the question paper. Now provided that each year, the question paper is different, but there is a pattern to it that is sustained throughout. This is the pattern those students need to figure out so as to gain an advantageous ground. Knowing the question paper pattern is really important and the best way to do that is by going through Question Banks and previous years' question papers while simultaneously studying your source material. This way, you familiarize yourself with the question paper pattern and there is one less thing to surprise you (and not in a good way).
2. Troubleshooting - There is no point in endlessly learning a thousand different chapters and resorting to a hundred different reference books unless you are able to process that information efficiently and recall as and when required. The problems that most people face when appearing for CBSE board examinations are very fundamental in nature. They are either unable to recall the information that they learnt or they learnt it wrong and it was never corrected because they did not solve enough question banks. By solving these CBSE Question Banks 2021-22 for Class 10 & 12, you are testing yourself against rigorous questioning, thereby sharpening your skills, and running a full diagnosis of your preparation. This will help you realize which areas need to be worked on more and revisited and which areas are your strengths. This way, you can study and prepare accordingly to maximize the marks and increase your percentage and your percentile.

3. Mock tests - It is absolutely essential that you do a couple of dry runs or test runs to see how well you are able to perform in them because this will directly reflect on your real examination answer sheet. The reason for conducting mock tests is to get a hang of things so that you are ready for it all. There are a lot of things that are going to be running through your mind when you sit for the examination. Casting all irrelevant thoughts aside and focusing on what needs to be done for the duration of the examination is easier said than done and without prior practice it will be difficult for you to perform at your optimum. Balancing time, questions and framing the answers - all at once - this is something that requires practice to master.

Here's the recommended link for CBSE Question Banks 2021 -22 for Class 10: & Class 12:
4. Time-management - If you are not timing yourself when solving papers then you are setting yourself up for failure and that is the cold, hard truth. There is no point in studying if you cannot manage time and that is not with regards to your timetable but your examination paper. You need to know how to allocate time to different sections of the question paper, how much time you should spend on each question, how much time should be allotted to answering them, revising, etc. This all needs to be timed, all while answering questions immaculately. With the help of Oswaal Books' CBSE question bank, you can get into the habit of timing yourself appropriately so as to maximize your output and answer the paper to your level best. Time management is crucial to success in all examinations and the best way to get a hang of it is by solving question banks within a predetermined time period.
5. Additional tools - The best thing about these CBSE question banks 2021-22 for Class 10 & 12 is that it comes with additional tools to make the studying and learning process that much easier. It comes with Menmonics that facilitate quick learning, a special unit-wise self-assessment section that helps you practice solving question papers and even concept videos that allow hybrid learning. Apart from this, the question bank has been updated according to the latest typologies.
There is no better way to cope with the CBSE board examination curriculum than by solving papers and question banks while learning so as to learn and sharpen your answering skills, all at once.
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