Coursmy (Credit: Coursmy twitter)
Coursmy (Credit: Coursmy twitter)

Coursmy launches AI enabled learning experience platform (SaaS) for up-skilling and career development opportunities in the flow of work

ANI | Updated: Mar 16, 2020 13:09 IST

Gurugram (Haryana) [India] Mar 16 (ANI/PRNewswire): Coursmy launches Learning Quotient (LQ) for enterprise users.

  • Enhanced productivity and delivering superior learner experience with user-specific career development opportunities
  • Platform enables enterprise to adopt workplace transformation through customized learning strategy as per various job roles.

Present multi-generational workforce demands a workplace that is highly collaborative, productive and engaging. We are progressing towards a modern workplace where employees aspire to grow not just as individuals but as a focused network of teams with learner specific up-skilling opportunities.
Coursmy, by understanding the pain areas, thus launched a holistic enterprise SaaS platform for upskilling and career development opportunities.
The solution matches learner's career development needs with superior engagement tools as every aspect of learning will be relevant, interactive and informative, which will help them to up-skill for higher job roles.
Key features introduced for Enterprise Application-

  • Create - Department, Team, Profile, User role to supervise teams
  • User Management - Bulk user's registration, roles and programs scheduling
  • Program Management - Learning modules, Assessment Module, Content Creation Modules, Create content channels
  • Customization: Branded and tailored for enterprise needs
  • Analytics: Advanced reporting to assess and measure performance, Benchmarking Metrics for Key Focus Areas (Productivity an Engagement)
  • Security: Enterprise-grade security and privacy controls.

Key features Introduced for Learners-

  • Pathway

• Create a pathway as per job roles and learner's preference

• My Learning Pathway

• Find relevant content, courses and programs through a unified search engine covering all of your content sources (internal, external, paid, user-generated, and more).

• AI-based recommendations based on your interests, activity, and job title delivered automatically.

  • Engagement - Collaboration capabilities available across teams and programs
  • Assessment - skill assessment and advanced reporting to assess and measure performance, manage certifications
  • Rewards - Certificates, badges, degrees, and certificates
  • Leader board - User credits as per learner engagement across teams and programs. Improved engagement and productivity through gamification

Coursmy is a new tech B2B startup, an AI-enabled learning experience platform.
They provide white labelled learning experience platform, which helps in promoting a strong learning culture, an environment of seamless learning, improved employee engagement and increased functional capabilities.
This is achieved through the democratization of learning process and socialization of learners.

  • In this platform, up-skilling programs can be offered to employees through various methods. They can sign up for a up-skilling program on the upcoming, new project requirements based upon their preferences or department or supervisor inputs.
  • The skills of the employees can be matched with the individualised training program that could be provided for the employee and they can undergo training at their own pace through training and learning modules made available online.
  • Mentoring based on-the-job training could be provided in various sectors where hands-on-training has more value than classroom sessions. Roles that include customer-facing situations will require communication skills upskilling and classroom sessions with customised job-specific training can be provided through micro-learning content.
  • Employees can be encouraged to opt for roles or departments they would like to work in and then the required training can be provided and post-training if they clear the evaluation process successfully to become an eligible candidate for desired roles.

"We are moving towards USD 5 trillion economy by 2025, and hence workforce skill development plays an important role. As the fourth Industrial Revolution knocks at the door, we urgently require a renewed focus on skilling the youth in emerging technologies," said Amit Singh, Founder and CEO of Coursmy, announcing the vision for Indian and global market.
Organizations have started to realize that they can save money, time and effort by providing their existing employees with the learning required to take up new roles rather than advertise, interview and hire a fresh hand and then spend money, time and effort at training them for the role.
Up-skilling is beneficial for both the employee and the employer. Employers stand to benefit the most as professionals who undergo up-skilling program will tend to be more loyal and will perform much better at their job.
Employees who are provided with the opportunity to undergo up-skilling programs feel happy and excited to be involved in a learning program that is company-sponsored that will allow them to continue working for the same concern with new skills that will surely improve their pay-check and their horizons.
Coursmy platform essentially supports the organization in driving employee engagement and thus improve productivity and through the democratization of the learning process.
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