A fully equipped ambulance with Covid-19 testing facilities, sponsored by ODIA, was donated to Bhubaneswar's Capital Hospital of Odisha government.
A fully equipped ambulance with Covid-19 testing facilities, sponsored by ODIA, was donated to Bhubaneswar's Capital Hospital of Odisha government.

Doctors of ODIA from Odisha in North America collaborate to provide healthcare to Odia people, as pandemic impacts their livelihood

ANI | Updated: Jan 12, 2021 15:44 IST

Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India], January 12 (ANI/PRNewswire): Doctors' commitment to the health of a patient as well as humanity has been demonstrated in immense measure in 2020, as the pandemic enveloped the globe. The global doctors' community from Odisha responded quickly by embarking on a voluntary mission to help Odia people by working alongside the Odisha government.
Doctors from Odisha in North America OSA-HWG (The Odisha Society of the Americas Health and Wellness Group) chalked out plans last year to involve themselves in every possible manner in the healthcare of Odia population. They are now working at local levels to provide means and expertise to treat common people. OSA-HWG Chairman Dr Devashish Ray along with other physicians conceptualized and formed a global team, now called ODIA (Odisha Doctors' International Association).
"Odisha doctors from the US, UK, Australia, UAE, other European and Asian countries joined hands to launch the Golden Parachute programme in Odisha., It is an ambitious mission and aggressive vision to help the Odia people," said US-based Dr Devashish Ray, global anchor of the programme.
Popular Odia movie star Sabyascahi Misra, who has helped thousands of migrant workers during the difficult months of lockdown and Covid crisis, will lead the efforts of Odia at the local level in Odisha. As the global ambassador of ODIA, he is implementing the doctors' mission by collecting data, liaisoning with the Odia government and monitoring the ground-level progress.
Under the Golden Parachute programme, 3 mobile vans for Covid testing and screening have been delivered to the Government of Odisha, Dept of Health. The vans are future proof and can be deployed for vaccination. The vans are operational in Ganjam and nearby districts of Odisha. Other immediate needs met are distribution of hundreds of pulse oximeters and essential medicine to the needy.

The ODIA mission is to promote health and wellness of people of Odisha by sharing knowledge and expertise, including telemedicine facilities. It also offers professional development and create opportunities for people of Odisha by offering vocational training in healthcare.
"The mission is divided into sub projects and preventive health comes at the top of the list. It includes vaccination, women cancer screening, maternal health promotion, anemia and nutrition screening, obesity awareness, dental and eye care camps. Our ambitious programme will focus on prevention of infant mortality, women healthcare and vaccination of elderly people," Dr Ray added.
ODIA is also setting up teams to respond to emergency situations and frame guidelines for emergency relief teams.
Going forward, under the Golden Parachute project, ODIA is exploring adopting villages for health care, improving water sanitation, roads and telecommunication.
The ODIA mission has received support from eminent people. Tech guru and pioneer of Indian telecommunication Sam Pitroda has offered his unconditional support to the ODIA mission. He wants to see "software in the form of healthcare skills using local and alternative medicines." He says "use local knowledge and finetune best global medical practices to treat people. Telemedicine and skill training of local staff will immensely help in this noble endeavour."
Achyuta Samata, MP and philanthropist, has declared his unconditional support to ODIA projects and has offered to adopt a village to implement the Golden Parachute programme. "Providing good health is the responsibility and duty of able human beings. I am happy to see efforts of Odia doctors from across the world in contributing to the health needs of Odia people to bring much relief and succor," he said.
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